Aural Fixation: Strictly For The Dancefloor (Or Not)

It feels like forever since our last installment of Aural Fixation. In reality, it’s only been two weeks, but WHATEVER! That’s classified as forever in internet time. Though we toyed with the idea of reemerging with another diva battle, that really just seemed like an excuse to post Beyoncé‘s uncomfortably hot “Dance For You” video.

Instead, we decided to spruce up your Wednesday morning with four throbbing dance tracks. Why? Because it’s the only genre that could ever be described as “throbbing”, and that seemed horribly appropriate for a series about music you’d fuck to. Today’s round features selections by Switch, LMFAO, Charli XCX and Avicii. Who will you be voting for?

– Dewitt


To listen to today’s selections and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

SWITCH F/ ANDREA MARTIN – I STILL LOVE YOU: Rich Juzwiak—elite gay visionary, master of supercuts and total hunk-wad—designated this as one of his favorite tracks of the year, writing “It may sound odd that a minimal dance track somewhere between house and dubstep should be the most soulful track released this year, but that just shows how remarkable ‘I Still Love You’ is. This is a classic waiting to be canonized.” That’s cool and everything, but would it make a good soundtrack for rampant butt sex? You be the judge.

LMFAO – SEXY AND I KNOW IT: According to Billboard, this is the country’s number one dance song. We kind of get it! While LMFAO may be intolerable to hear in a casual setting, there’s a difference between sitting in traffic and “wiggling it” after you’ve downed several cocktails. Hooray for drunk music! It has the word “sexy” in the title, but does it necessarily make you feel sexy? Admit it. You’d probably have drunk sex to this.

CHARLI XCX – NUCLEAR SEASONS: For those who are curious about the inner workings of Manhunt headquarters, one of us just spent a full minute thrusting in his desk chair, trying to determine whether Charli XCX’s “Nuclear Seasons” has the appropriate rhythm for fucking. We truly devote ourselves to the art of man-sex.

AVICII – LEVELS: Whether it’s Etta James or Flo Rida, this is going to sound awfully familiar to some of you. This gives you the same upbeat drive as “Sexy And I Know It” without the utterly stupid lyrics. Let’s see how it performs in the competition!

14 thoughts on “Aural Fixation: Strictly For The Dancefloor (Or Not)

  1. Avicii for two reasons: 1. Etta James. 2. the video was kinda awesome. The dancing apocalypse is nigh! lol

  2. Avicii’s song is much better than the Flo Rida track. Besides, having Etta James singing doesn’t hurt your chances

  3. I love the LMFAO video, but I have one complant. Why oh why didn’t Wilmer Valderrama strip down to a speedo? Afraid he would overshadow everyone with his reported huge schlong?

  4. Someone needs to educate these Manhunt blogging motherfuckers in what is really dance music. Not a single Skrillex song? WTF? No dubstep mixes either. Get with what is popular people!

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