Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Who Banged Jay Roberts

Our dear friend Mike Stabile (give him all your money!) must share our love for hyperbole, because he basically designated Jay Roberts as 2011’s “Bottom of The Year”. To be fair, his post was more of a nomination than a crowning ceremony, but that doesn’t make us any less inclined to focus on Jay’s butthole for today’s (vagina-free) round of Fuck Vs. Fuck.

Your options are Landon Conrad and Rafael Carreras. Both performers are equipped with utterly gorgeous pieces of meat, whether it be Landon’s upward curve or Rafael’s thick shaft and mushroom head. Of course, when it all comes down to it, which one of them is a better fuck? Click through and see for yourself!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Falcon Studios

To watch clips from both scenes and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:


Check out additional footage here, or watch the full scene NOW at Falcon Studios!




426 thoughts on “Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Who Banged Jay Roberts

  1. ha ha …just the name Rafael makes him the best tender and more considerate fuck bud. The 69 and the kiss says it all.

  2. Too bad the clips were totally different–an extended 2-minute fuck in one position vs a 30-sec start-to-finish summary of an entire sex scene.

    I loves  me some Landon Conrad, but Rafael look like he throws a better fuck.

  3. rafael all the way
    but who cares, jay is hot as hell no matter who he’s with
    or even when he’s alone

  4. Who’s the best top? Has to be Landon Conrad – Rafael’s very hot and no slouch, but Landon’s like a freakin’ supermodel jackhammer – and I loved how he obviously enjoyed himself as he pounded Jay. Hooley Booley, I need to cool down after watching that – pass me the icebucket!!

  5. I tried to get the 30-second trailer of Landon and Jay’s scene, but the internet wasn’t cooperating with me. There’s a link to it under the two-minute clip!

  6. Thanks for the clarification.  My comment wasn’t meant to be critical–just that I felt like I was comparing apples to oranges.

  7. Wow! another ex Mormon in porn ( Jason ). Yes, he is from Salt Lake City. At least we are getting something nice from that church LOL

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