Pablo Hernandez Does an All-Flirting Workout

And it works! Fine! Whatever!
Send me these underwears!



I don’t know much about Pablo Hernandez, and his tag on MHD doesn’t really give me any clues, but apparently he really likes underwear and is cute. I, for one, am glad to live in such a magical age where that’s a whole career. Bless.

This week, Pablo ostensibly tries these Andrew Christian VIBE panties on to see how they improve his workout. He’s already super hot and has like -4% body fat, so clearly something is working. Whether or not it’s the Andrew Christians, is up for debate. But this video was enough to convince me to buy/try em. Watch Pablo wink and smile and smoosh his titties together for the camera:




Good morning! See all the VIBE collection here and decide which one is gonna get your abs in line for Summer. You get a free calendar if you buy anything from the VIBE line as well. So. That should sew it up.

Also, this wasn’t a real bulge-focused shoot, so I just found all the pics with Pablo’s big, chewy-lookin nips:









– tyler

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