There’s No Sweatpants

But it still works.


Before we talk about this one, I wanna share part of the email that came with this update from Guys In Sweatpants:

This video really needs no description. When I say it needs no description, it’s because their chemistry and sex completely speaks for itself. Andrew likes being manhandled and fucked deep, and that’s exactly what Max does to him. The whole video is essentially one take from start to finish in one of the quickest videos we’ve ever filmed– that’s how you know it’s real and good!

It’s strange for me to go from highly polished, sharply lit and shot studio work to a scene like this, but I think it’s important to be honest and say that these Guys scenes are usually the only ones where I actually get my penis out and jack off till I cum, pretty much every single week. I get 10,000 boners a day doing this job and I usually mention it when I’m watching something that gets me hard, and My dick is usually out anyway (my office is better than your office), so it’s easy to get pulled into a little casual tug now and then.  But I don’t usually waste any jizz on polished, pretty, expensive looking studio output.

I can’t explain it, because I love polish. I went to school for graphic design and I love when people take the time to make something completely beautiful. But the adult entertainment industry isn’t in a place where that beauty doesn’t come at the cost of chemistry and throwdown. Maybe as porn becomes more and more mainstream, there will be a studio that manages to balance the idea of beautiful, retouched, well lit, airbrushed output but still maintain visceral, powerful, masturbation-inducing, on-screen sex. But we’re not there yet. And the penis wants what it wants.

Week after week, mine chooses to bust to Guys (occasionally) in Sweatpants. This week’s scene is far from perfect. This is pretty much my definition of awkward, uncomfortable, first-time-looking sex. There’s a ton of changing positions, a lack of kissing during, not nearly enough rimming, and I don’t know who told you otherwise, but SPIT IS NOT LUBE IN ANY UNIVERSE WHAT ARE YOU DOING. But lo and behold, around minute 5, my dick was starting its little monologue to my fist:

Hey… hey you into this? I’m pretty into this. You wanna… you know… eh? Eh? It’s pretty good right? He’s not being nice to that bottom at all. Like AT all. He’s a bad top. Ooh… Why does THAT make me harder? Don’t you wish that was me in there instead? Being a good top? Feeling that dude wrapped all around me and whining about it while he tries to jack his own cock? That sounds pretty good… Oooh. It’s getting. Wow. Ok. WOW. WOW I’m gonna WOW. OOF SHIT OMG. Woof.  Wow.

Hey did we finish that last XFiles?”

And there was nothing I could do.



Watch the full version here. 

IMG_9494 IMG_9506 IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9548 IMG_9553 IMG_9554 IMG_9558


– tyler

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