Free Dildos! For America!

Get ’em while they’re FREE!


Just last weekend the Manhunt Shop was giving away free butt stuff, and so many of you guys liked it that they decided to do it again! Now, me personally, I’d rather have a well made cockring than yet another ‘eyes are bigger than my stomach’ dildo to keep around the house, but they don’t let me pick the prizes.

Up for grabs (wordplay!) this week is Devilish Darren (I don’t name the things either, though I assume that’s a reference to this guy):

Darren is super soft on the outside because he’s crafted SexFlesh dual-density TPR. That means that he can be soft and tender on the outside while being sturdy enough to fill you up and spread you wide. If you like them wide, then you’ll love sticking Darren onto the surface of your choice with his sturdy suction cup, lubing him up, and letting him open you up.


They almost make it sound romantic! Your fake dick is gonna be soft and tender but he’ll also fill you right up! ¬†Darren might be more than I can handle (I’m still practicing with these) but if you’re ready to let him “open you up” here’s how to get yours:




If you made it all the way through this post without thinking of this bit, I applaud you:


tumblr_mpejkr1dGN1qbkr1wo1_r1_250 005


That graphic INSTANTLY made me want a hot dog. Real bad.


– tyler

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