On The Hunt: Chasen & The Maverick Men

Drop your pants around your ankles, because the Maverick Men are making their way to OnTheHunt! We had the privilege of working with the beloved tag-team couple on one of our recent shoots, as they dished out a major ass-pounding to bottom boy Chasen.

If you’ve seen Cole and Hunter work their magic in the past, you know what to expect with this one. These two ram their hard cocks into Chasen’s tight hole with all their might, making this 250 lbs and 6’5″ tall hunk moan like a little bitch!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out Chasen in action with The Maverick Men, follow the JUMP:

If the above video doesn’t work, head over here for a free preview.

48 thoughts on “On The Hunt: Chasen & The Maverick Men

  1. The older guy is like the former high school quarterback who is still living on the glory from 25 yrs ago. He thinks he is still as sexy as his much younger partner but deep down knows he isn’t.




  3. No, James… Tell us how you really feel.

    I have to agree. The older guy needs to go. Yes, he is still allowed to have sex, but I just don’t want to see it happen. Love the other two tho!!!

  4. As an aging guy who is still nevertheless interested (and still into) homoerotic photography (you can check out a sample of some of my stuff if you like), these Maverick guys evoke some conflicting thoughts and emotions in me.

    I’ll just sum it all up. I respect their being into it and all … but if I took pictures that looked like theirs, I would never … never, ever post them.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with older men – they can be very sexy. But this guy looks like he hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in 20 years. I don’t need perfection in my porn models, but nor do i want to look at beached whales having sex.

  6. I dont think older is unsexy.
    Being older and ‘acting’ younger is…its like ‘grow up.’

    Whats sexy about older is wisdom, father figures etc..
    An old guy ‘trying’ to act young just comes across as wealthy old predator-hunting-young broke prey.

    Im currently digging ‘Dads.’ Not because they look good spread out like a map, but because of that humble un-cocky character that should come along with age, experience & wisdom..

  7. these two maverick guys are just simply hot, sexy and fun.

    I have checked out their site and their xtube stuff many times but I dont think I have seen a “beached whale” in any of them. Weird?

    And to TopDownLB – where have you been? They have been using other sites for ages.

  8. I don’t think the older man is unattractive (actually find him the better looking of the couple) but I think their overwhelming vulgarity is my problem.

    It’s like reality porn instead of the usual scripted industry. Just makes them look overly trashy.

  9. As a fit 49 year old, I have to say, that, just FYI, you’ll all be 49 at some point and, at least half, like it or not will look as bad or worse than the guy in these pix.

    Further, like me and others my age, when you get there you won’t give a fuck what anyone younger than you thinks. (No, we don’t wish we were young again.) Really, we think you’re all the shallow, culture-free idiots, you prove yourselves to be online, but know–hope–that you too will grow up.

    And fuck that humble shit. What comes with age is confidence (hence the not caring about what others think thing).

    And I agree, Jake Cruise oughtta be shot. Sex only looks good if you’re the one having it. Otherwise, especially the crap posted on all those porn blogs, it just looks gross.

  10. Bravo Andy.Age is just a fukkin’ number!Some of these guys think,because they’re young,everyone wants them.Fuck off!As a regular guy of 41,who regularly fucks guys 21 and up,I find the attitude current for the times on here.I aint gonna be in no porn,but who cares?I looooove guys who wanna get fucked,and there aint been a complaint yet,except,’damn,when can we do that again?’

  11. not necessary: saying they’re too old.

    still not necessary, but it’d certainly a help a ton: photography know how.

  12. those maverick men are some nasty motherfuckers and i would let them take turns railing on me ANY day of the week! lol

  13. Age IS just a numnber, but I’m still completely limp after looking at this post. It does NOTHING for me- I don’t find the models attractive, or the pictures the least bit hot. Hey…they can have all the sex they want, and more power to them for not caring what others think, but It’s not going to be a product I’ll be jacking off to. =-)

  14. they’re super hot and i’ve jizzed to them before, but they seem like total assholes. can’t wait till they get old and no one wants to fuck them anymore

  15. These guys are hot. Older guy especially. Along with age comes experience. Watch the video, watch the moves this guy has. Hot

  16. these two are actually really hot in many of their scenes… both just the two of them, and when they tag another. This particular scene is perhaps the one i like least…

  17. Tha kid Chasen is fine…cock, ass & all but that was it…I totally respect “pop pop’s” still get’n it in & all but that was a lil bit much!!!

  18. You’re neglecting to realize the “hot young boys” love this “dirty old man” just as much. Men with experience are super super hot.


  19. This clip was filmed for ‘On The Hunt’?…its been on Xtube for months. I used to see these guys and think they were hot..but if you are going ‘legit’ and starting your own website, get some proper lighting and HD cams guys…dark poorly lit porn doesnt work.

  20. they are gross and i see them marauding out in Boston all the time, and i just think “predators” im soooooooooooooooo happy sos sooo happy to see others agree.

  21. i hold these truths to be self evident:

    we all get older (well, hopefully at least)

    we all enjoy sex (well, hopefully again)

    we all DONT enjoy seeing older dude with flabby body attempting to play the sex stud on vid! lol


  23. And just for the record, not because of age or body type, it’s simply that as a Latin, AND and older guy (I’m 47) I find neither of these guys attractive.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t A LOT of INCREDIBLY hot older (and younger) guys … but these two aren’t in that league for me.

  24. Wow, you guys are brutal. This guy has no wrinkles, his body isn’t sagging. So he’s got a lot of gray hair, he still doesn’t look old.

    Gay men have a reputation of being obsessed with youth, and these comments go along with that.

  25. Most of these comments seem to indicate that being young, handsome and perfect should be the norm. Just wondering if you fellas are bringing the same thing to the table? I understand fantasy and all that but I find the disconnect in so many of you pretty interesting (as well as amusing as hell). Just think of the day when you’ll look in the mirror and say “I have seen the enemy (old trolls- as in anyone over 40) and it is me”. Personally, I like to find the beauty in real, masculine, normal men. But then I’m pretty well adjusted after so many years of therapy. LOL.

  26. Jim –

    I think the point of many of these comments is that the young, handsome…..etc., standard you speak of would be the norm for MOST ppl in the porn they choose to watch. You dont have to be it, to want to see it, if you know what I mean.

    Perhaps, not necessarily for you, but I think you can see that this is the prevailing standard for most gay guys, particularly in the case of paying to watch these vids on websites.

  27. blah blah blah. yeah the older dude could put down the curly fries and donuts and hit the salad bar AND gym once in awhile, he is none the less interested in something I find extremely satisfying, fucking men 🙂
    for that I say right on dude, SPAWN TILL YOU DIE!

  28. i can’t wait for the day when these naysayers reach the age that Cole is.

    you fuckers make it sound like the guy is a disgusting wrinkled saggy-sac sand•bag, when he clearly is not.

    i don’t have a problem with his looks (although i don’t know much about his personality, other than he seems to be a somewhat-domineering Top).
    as a matter of fact, i think cole is attractive, although we might not be compatible, sexually.

    of course, i don’t think the vitriol i’ve seen has anything to do with cole, himself, but rather the general concept of any older gentleman being sexually active. which, for me, is much more problematic, because that’s one of those “automatically excluding” type of prejudices which i have to endure seeing other ignorant proudly exude, on this fucking blog, every day.

    i don’t have any of your “grandfather issues” — my only (primary) concerns are if the person still looks good; is of legal age, and of Sound Body & Mind; and has consented to the sexual activity.


    but what should i expect from you people.

    i am 28.

    but my concern about the LGBT “Community” only continues to grow, by the hour.

  29. I’m surprised Manhunt is promoting/advocating their movies since they do produce bareback videos only. For the ‘flashback Friday’ items on Manhunt Daily that have condomless scenes, there is always a disclaimer about not advocating unsafe sex. Why not here? seems a bit two-faced. Or will Manhunt be promoting Treasure Island and HDK movies next?

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