Aural Only: Kelis

I try to avoid saying the word “fierce” out loud. Believe me, this isn’t because of some weird obsession with masculinity or denouncing gay culture as we know it. It just comes off as entirely forced and unnatural… kind of like when I moved to the Boston area and attempted to call things “wicked awesome”.

With that said, the music video for Kelis‘ new single “Scream” is fierce as fuck. It’s easily one of the best clips to emerge from the Flesh Tone campaign, even if it’s certainly not the best song from the project. Seriously, when is David Guetta going to excel beyond this “OMG, piano line and hard beat!” style of production? I’m over it!

– Dewitt

To listen to “Scream”, follow the JUMP:

17 thoughts on “Aural Only: Kelis

  1. Certainly not the best song in the album, but an OK effort by Kelis. She’s very talented but underrated like Robyn. At least she should have a chance this weekend on the Top 10.

  2. “let’s get to it, now u’ll prove it” … I thought I was gonna get transported back in time when Madonna was Voguing ….

  3. Now tha club mix 2 this what’s “FIERCE”…& overall a pretty good video except 4 tha run’n on tha treadmill, just didn’t get that!!!

  4. I find it weird how people are just stumped by the most mundane things sometimes….she’s running in place, she’s not going/moving anywhere in her life, and she wants to just scream about it. Yet her vogue shots in this video totally made SENSE compared to everything else. :/ .I would’ve rather not seen the treadmill…cause I thought the running in place came from some cool video effect though.

    Decent video, feel like i’ve seen it before. I could dance my ass off to it in the right situations though…

  5. The lyrics in this track convey an awesome message. I figure Kelis has decided to do her own thing and forget about trying to be in the mainstream which certainly puts a more restrictive budget on a video project. In any case, I feel this video was a perfect and ‘real’ expression of what she wanted to say as an artist. Kelis has surely come a long way since the ‘Milkshake’ song!

  6. I haven’t liked anything from Kelis since her first album Kaleidoscope an this new batch of songs finds her looking and sounding weird.

  7. I’m a big fan of Edvard Munch and this reminds me of The Scream. So kudos to her for incorporating it in her work

  8. I love Kelis and this track. She needs to go more mainstream. I refused to believe “Milkshake” is the highlight of her career.

  9. Another good single for Kelis. I like the fact that she’s always thinking outside the box and is not afraid to experiment. Too bad her album hasn’t been very succesful in the US.

  10. Yeah it’s sad most people only know her for the Milkshake song, because I loved that whole album and Kaleidoscope. I haven’t got the new one yet, but I’m excited to hear it especially when I see and hear videos like this. She’s always doing her and not being fitted into something she’s not cool with. From Milkshake you’d think she’s primarily a hip-hop style, but she does her own thing. I respect her and enjoy her all the way.

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