Hot or Not?: Suits

Let’s explore a hypothetical situation! A guy you met through Manhunt agrees to stop by after work. Since you were much more concerned with his cock size than his professional life, you didn’t bother to ask what he does for a living. Why would that have any influence on your sexual chemistry?

As it turns out, this mysterious man works in the corporate world, and he steps through your door in an expensive suit and tie. Previously, you had only seen him outside of his clothes. Now here comes the fun part–are you more turned on after seeing him all dressed up? Or is there any possibility that this makes him less attractive?

Honestly, I can’t even fathom someone choosing the latter option! There’s something atrociously sexy about a man in a suit, and I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve told a guy to “leave the tie on”. My absolute favorite? Big businessmen who are the boss in the office, but prefer getting bossed around in the bedroom! Grr, I’m getting hard just thinking about it…

– Dewitt

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61 thoughts on “Hot or Not?: Suits

  1. Suits are VERY hot…I love cross-generational relationships and to me suits represent a lot of ideas that involve that…things like authority, power, dominance, masculinity, etc. I would love to bottom for a boss/CEO-type in a suit in exchange for a job! I guess unemployment can make a guy do crazy things–though even if I were employed I’d still let boss do that.

  2. WOWZA of course it’s hot and those men are amazing as well… would love to get with a muscle daddy like that.

  3. Blekth! Nothing says ‘brick in the wall’ like a suit and tie. Everyone thinks they’re gonna get the CEO, but in reality, most suit wearers are middle-management apparatchiks.

  4. Depends on the guy in the suit and whether they can pull it off and look good wearing it. But in agreement with ya…

  5. Confused by the article- is it JUST about men in suits? I’d be more inclined to ask someone on manhunt if they were showing up after work in jeans work boots and a hard hat than I would be to ask their cock size. So yes, I agree that a guys profession definately IS a turn on (to me anyway).

  6. It’s not the suits that make them unappealing to me. It’s the generic shaved head, tattooed, stocky build, gym junkie stereotype that for some reason Manhunt believes is the cat’s meow for everyone browsing their website. Where the hell are all the cute, young, slim but toned, college twinks?????

  7. a guy in a black suit and tie, that’s a guy I wouldn’t say NO to. the sexiest type of man I could possibly dream of.

  8. Yes, suits are very hot. Especially with white dress shirts. They often don’t work in porn however–they are typically ill-fitting, with poorly tied ties, and no undershirts. What professional wouldn’t wear an undershirt?

  9. it depends on the guy, neither of these guys are for me, but, I am looking for the smooth guys lol

    Not that any one here cares!

  10. A suit makes a hot man hotter, a douche in a suit is still just a douche. I really enjoy dressing up and going out … and it’s definitely hot to know that smoking man across from me in that suit is mine … and knowing what’s underneath will soon be mine once again. Definitely hot!

  11. Woof…these two are seriously sexy MEN! As Oliver would say, “More please!” As for suits, they can be very sexy on the right guy…oh, and back to the photos here…the guys are both very sexy, but those green underpants…ugh…he should have left the Ger-animals at home…

  12. I’ve never understood why, but suits have always been extremely hot for me.. instant boner hot. Suits and cute feet.

  13. Suits are totally hot but the leather bar haircuts just don’t go with the look… but who cares. the pics are hot and I’m in!

  14. How easy exactly would it be to get lube/cum out of a suit in dry cleaning? Obviously didn’t work for Monica L.

  15. I love suits… Just not on muscular men.

    There is nothing better than going into the city and seeing a slim and sexy man wearing a suitable suit that accentuates all the right places haha.

    My preference is for tall and slim when it comes to suits, not shorter and overly muscled.

  16. Suits are great. They make any guy hot and it’s hot to rip them off him.

    Very hot scene choices, btw.

  17. Ya, I would definitly agree that it depends who is wearing the suits but those two really make it hot.

  18. Definitely hot. Suits are like those elaborate gift wrappings. They build the anticipation and excitement as you peel them off layer by layer to get to the good stuff.

  19. HOT…it was one of the best times I had sex was right after I got a new suit and my BF wanted to “break it in” Let me just say “WOW” I enjoyed it ALOT.

  20. I like suits, but why do they always have to be hairy beefcakes? Why can’t I see a nice smooth twink in a suit? That would really turn me on. Don’t get me wrong, those guys are HOT, and they could do anything to me. But some variety would be appreciated 🙂

  21. The scene looks hot definately….just for the record I’m on team Alex…That’s one super hott, sexxxy man…if given the chance would play with him anytime, anyplace, anywhere anyhow I could get him.


  23. It depends on 2 things for me:
    1- If the suit fits well
    2- His shoes

    Assuming you’ve already hooked up with this guy, and you already find him incredibly attractive. IF the suit, let’s say, is an inexpensive Banana Republic suit that he took to a good tailor, made sure the sleeves exposed the right amount of cuff, great flat front pant with just the right “break” above the shoe and well-cared for polished shoe? Fuck yeah, GO FOR IT! Make him “keep the tie on!”

    BUT, if he shows up in a $2500 Ermenegildo Zegna suit that he purchased on-line from for $499.99, but did NOT bother to have it tailored well AND scuffed up shoes from Payless Shoe Source, I’d still fuck him. However, I would definitely question his taste. If he’s willing to cut corners in his corporate appearance, find out what he does and make sure you DO NOT solicit his business.

    The “I Need this Job and I’ll do Anything to Get It” role play scene is out. Unless, of course, I’m doing the one interviewing and I get to take him down a peg or two.

  24. suits just imply the privilege that comes with being bourgeois. some people people find privilege sexy. a few comments have already admitted fetishizing the power imbalances implicit in this system.

    I’d really rather spend time with people who can converse about something other than accounting and petty corporate politics, whose skills run beyond microsoft office -_-

    now a lab coat or hiking boots or anything that indicates you know something about the world outside your little cubicle…definite turn-on.

  25. ugh.

    i never answered the actual question.. which, as usual, i’d say “it depends on the person who’s wearing it, and on the suit the person is wearing.”

    bruno wore his suit well, and his suit looked nice; alex’s suit did not match him, very well.

    in my opinion.

  26. Naked guys are sexy, that’s a fairly straightforward feeling, but men in suits are attractive in the sappy complex romantic way. A naked guy gets me hard, a guy in a suit gets me in love.

  27. I see suits all the time, they get kind of boring. I like to see a guy in jeans and a t shirt if i see him in a suit all the time. I dont know, theres just something hot about seeing a guy in more comfortable clothes

  28. I LOVE a man in a suit… I dunno why but seeing a hot defined guy wearing a tailored suit is just plain SEXY!!

  29. I agree, theres nothing hotter than to see a good looking in shape guy dressed in a well tailored suit….

  30. Men in suits are extremely hot since it shows he has a sense of style and he likes looking his finest when he’s entertaining 

  31. Oh yeah. Suits are very hot. Love it when they leave their shoes, socks and sock garters on when fucking.

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