None Of These Guys Are Looking At The Camera


Well, you can never say that we don't listen to you. Upon receiving several complaints that our recent porn features have been "too posed", I ventured onward to find a scene with absolutely no human-to-camera eye contact. Now you're left with nothing else to bitch about except hardcore man-on-man action.

This post goes out to anyone who rented Jarhead and wished it had been a porno. Or anyone who's ever wished that a top would push your face into another guy's ass while he's fucking you. In other words, this post goes out to myself. Let's hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Active Duty

To see these three guys in action, follow the JUMP:
















13 thoughts on “None Of These Guys Are Looking At The Camera

  1. i have no prob with the pictures being posed 🙂 just some of the uglies in the last set of picturers (adam really now dewitt is a butterface)
    i don’t know where people get the idea that porn stars enjoy their work most of the time its for $$

  2. Much better set … guys looking at the camera when doing solos works with the fantasy (that he’s doing it just for you). With couples and three- or more-somes, they should be focused on each other, not on the camera. You did good, Dewitt 🙂

  3. Haha, the last pic is like “eat it motherfucker, eat it!!” =P I normally do that to other guys when sucking another guys cock. But I’ve never done it while rimming. Thanks for the tip! BTW, Loved the set

  4. oh be quiet dewitt, you can just as easily not post the eyecontact pics… 🙂
    (by the way, you do remember we’re gay right? you can’t really stop the bitching as much as you try… like i can just as easily go on and say that since they’re having sex with condoms it’s just as much of a reason as to why they aren’t into eachother and just doing it for the cash… >.> )

  5. The guy with the wedding band was killed in an accident last week… this according to Dink in the Active Duty Live chat last night. His name was Randy.

  6. Just because they’re not looking at the camera, doesn’t mean the pics aren’t posed. These pics are SO posed….

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