Beefy Fuckers: Scandal! “Rocke” From Active Duty Is “Ronin” From ChaosMen!

Men, can we please keep our porn names straight? I’m easily confused. Yesterday, you may remember that I was gushing (yes, that is an allusion to precum and then my eventual load) over Ronin from ChaosMen. He’s a beautiful beefy fucker, with a big sexy […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Uncut Dude with Dick-Sucking Lips Gets Treed

Gay War Games takes place in the fictional Eastern European country of Tchukistan. It’s a war-torn nation wherein soldiers from opposing sides take delight in kidnapping, bondage-ing (that’s not a word, is it?) humiliating, and ultimately forcing themselves upon each other. It’s totally made up, […]

Etiquette Question: Do You Shave Your Brother’s Asshole Before Fucking It?

Help me, readers! I’m an only child, and so, there are some questions that I have about Military Siblings: Marine Brothers Fucking, the new scene directed by Dirk Yates for Channel 1 Releasing. The question isn’t whether the brothers are actually real, because it’s a […]