NextDoor: Your Dad Can’t Know We’re A Couple, So You’d Better Fuck Me!

Allen Lucas and Roman Todd have a problem. Roman’s dad is coming over and Roman STILL hasn’t told him that he’s gay and that Allen is his boyfriend. Dad arrives and wants to know why Roman’s “roommate” appears to be in a snit. Roman goes to check on him and is subjected to sexual blackmail in the kitchen! If Roman doesn’t fuck Allen just then, he’ll tell dear ole’ dad about their homosessuality! Which is an odd way to handle the situation. But, this is bareback porn so logic doesn’t really need to apply as long as Roman’s big, condom-less cock fits into Allen’s tight ass. Roman and Allen might need couples counseling but they certainly don’t need sex therapy. Just kick Dad out and keep fucking. Dad’s probably a cocksucker himself. Click here for more on NextDoor Raw.

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Michael Xavier

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