Why is Cliff Jensen Fucking Roman Todd So Hard?

Men.com is a gay porn network made up of 10 sites.  Cliff Jensen is back on the rough one, DrillMyHole.com (LOL), and giving it to Roman Todd just how we want him to – nice and rough!  The scene is called Counting Cards where you can learn how to get angry and pound the hell out […]

Roman Todd Services Markie More

One of the pitfalls of blogging about porn is that sometimes you don’t know who to focus on in a scene. Licking my lips (and jacking my dick) over the utterly chiseled Markie More? Or do I save the strokes for the maniacal fucking that brutally hot Roman Todd is giving him? Don’t even get […]

Huge Cocks: Casey Jacks And Roman Todd Get “Intimate”

This latest Falcon scene (Intimate) is under the “Huge Cocks” banner because Roman Todd has more than a mouthful. I’m reminded of it with every new scene he does. Every hole on Casey Jacks is more than up to the challenge. The tighty whities come off and these two are like ravenous beasts! Cock beasts! […]

Billy Santoro Flip-Fucks With Roman Todd

Nick Sterling throws a dare right back at Roman Todd which is to take Billy Santoro into the bedroom and give him a little blowjob action! Roman is a sore loser and won’t let Nick win that easy! He takes stud Billy into the bedroom and Billy shows him how well he can suck a […]

Icon Male: Nick Sterling Puts His Ass Into It To Fuck Roman Todd

Oh, Nick Sterling. Your ass is one of the…fuck it, it’s THE wonder of the world. Roman Todd is a lucky, lucky hot guy. Nick’s ass is legend, and when he puts his ass into fucking you? You will be SOUNDLY fucked! p.s. Nick takes Roman’s dick right back! Click here for more at Icon […]

Iconmale: Roman Todd Corrupts Armond Rizzo

The literature describes Roman Todd’s role in this scene from Iconmale as a “sinister church worker.” Jesus. Literally! This mess is even called Troubled Boys! Armond Rizzo is the “troubled youth” that he corrupts. I can’t decide if this is really ineffective marketing for the Catholic church or the greatest ad for Catholicism ever. Roman […]

Roman Todd Fucks Hugh Hunter Very Quietly

Because Kory Houston is trying to sleep! Actually, I’m fairly sure that Kory is interfering with himself while listening to Roman Todd thrust his cock again and again into Hugh Hunter’s big sexy ass. How did Hugh get fucked that hard without waking the neighbors? They didn’t even have to use a ball-gag. Click here […]

Roman Todd’s Getting Married, Jake Davis Gives Him The Perfect Send-Off

Roman Todd’s marrying a guy named “Janet?” Roman Todd’s getting married. TO A WOMAN. Muscle jock Jake Davis is as incredulous over this as the rest of us would be considering Roman’s career so far. Cuz’ the only pussy we’re seeing around Roman is the pussy called “man.” Jake’s still a good sport, though, so […]