News Flash: Calling Someone a ‘Bitch’ Isn’t the Solution

Miss CA, Perez Hilton Cartoon
In our angriest moments, we've all been guilty of spurting out something hateful. It should be looked at as a temporary release, something that one admits to themselves is immature and unproductive. Long story short, calling someone a "bitch" isn't anything close to a solution (especially when it has to do with our fight towards equality).
I'm not even talking about the whole PerezPrejean thing right now. When I saw the above cartoon earlier this morning, I immediately projected it onto an event that happened just a few days ago.
Though she apologized for her word choice if nothing else, it's absolutely clear that Virginia Foxx was wrong when she dishonored Matthew Shepard with her statements regarding his murder. By all means, express that opinion–plaster it onto walls if you'd like.
However, can we not resort to called her a "dumb" or "stupid" bitch? It's seriously just making us look bad.

– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “News Flash: Calling Someone a ‘Bitch’ Isn’t the Solution

  1. the internet community itself is full of hateful commentary, it’s not just gay people.
    quit treating us inequally! D`:

  2. have you ever heard of “uncle tom”-ism? being nice and sitting quietly in the back of the bus isn’t going to do anything except keep people in the back of the bus. they ALREADY think we “look bad”, give me a break.

  3. Its true that it doesnt get you anywhere and that it can even make you seem like the bad person. Im not gonna say i have never done it before, (becuase i have and who hasnt?) but we need to not stoop to there level. What we need to do is be courteous and polite then when we win we have the hugest party in the world and we even invite them but we dunk them in a giant tub filled with idk cosmos or something

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