Exclusive Interview with Electro Musician Peaches

Peaches' new album I Feel Cream is out on May 5th. The electro-queen took some time from her busy schedule in Berlin to tell MANHUNT a little bit about the album and (without request) share her thoughts on Britney Spears.
This time around, she handed over production duties to a slew of collaborators, including Soulwax, Drums of Death and Simian Mobile Disco. Once you hear the album, I'm sure you'll agree that the resulting work is 100% fantastic.
Read our interview below:
You seem to have shied away from guest stars on this album, with lady rapper Shunda K making the only vocal appearance. Was this intentional?
This album was more about collaborating with people production-wise and experimenting with different sounds.
Everyone from Robin Thicke to M.I.A. has been dabbling in the disco pool, and we noticed a few of your tracks had similar influences. Are you responding to the disco revival or is this something you've wanted to do for a long time?
No, not at all. That probably had a lot to do with working with Simian Mobile Disco. Maybe it's 'cause it's in their name?

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My favorite story about you is how Kelis and Björk bonded over a copy of Fatherfucker. Even Madonna and Britney are fans…

What's up with Britney anyways? It's like she has the dad-chip embedded in her head. She just keeps on performing so she can give Daddy Spears money or something.
Ha! I think Britney is doing a lot better than she was before though. I suppose what I was going to ask is, have you ever been surprised to find out that someone's a fan?
Surprised? No. We're all people and we like different things. But the guys from MGMT once told me that they used to dance to "Fuck the Pain Away" when they were fourteen. That sort of creeped me out a little.
What musicians are you currently digging?
I've been listening to a lot of La Roux. She's great. Then there's Ladyhawke, and have you heard of Planningtorock? If you haven't heard her stuff, you really need to listen to it.

Well, thanks for talking to us!

Of course, anytime.

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