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These were both good, so you’re getting two for the price of one!


My favorite email so far this week was this one from HardKinks.com telling me about two recent updates, and as I’ve mentioned many times before, the scene descriptions usually make or break a scene for me. And these little mini paragrahps both made me laugh and then immediately click their links.

First up:

Get ready for an impressive sex session between males full of testosterone. Muscles, spit, ass rimming and hard sex between very horny pigs hungry for cum and pleasure. They are hard kinks!


This movie contains: Anal Sex, Armpits, Bareback, Blowjobs, Muscles, Spitting.


A sex session with males full of testosterone?! How do I sign!

I also really enjoy when they tell me exactly what to expect, in list form, from the scene. Are you ready for some blowjobs, muscles and spitting?



Right? It doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty much in love with Antonio Miracle’s dick (like I said here), or that he really knows how to both suck and get pounded. Or that he’s just pretty:


IMG_0202 IMG_0458 IMG_0361 IMG_0330 IMG_0291 IMG_0254


But then also, in that same email, was this second HK scene:


A str8 guy falls asleep in a club after a wild chess night and Dominique takes advantage of the situation rubbing him and fulfilling his most turn on: lick feet. What will happen when he wakes up?


I don’t KNOW! What WILL happen when he wakes up? And furthermore, what’s a “wild chess night?” And why don’t we have the time to spell out the word “str8?” And what’s going on with Dominique that his “most turn on” is “lick feet?” Let’s see if the trailer affords any answers:



It… did not.

I actually have a whole lot MORE questions now.


01 03 05 06 09 11


You can watch the full versions of both of these scenes here and try to decode that second one on your own.


– tyler

2 thoughts on “Hardkinks Double Header

  1. That top is gorgeous! I fell in love. Damn, I might even think about bottoming for him.
    Is this studio Spain based? He’s got Barcelona accent.

  2. They are. That’s why sometimes their descriptions are hard to decipher. They put out some good stuff though, and they get all the hottest Euro guys that the US doesn’t.

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