Benjamin Godfre Looks Good In Red

What do you mean “looks good in red,” jerk? Those jeans aren’t red! Oh, you’ll see.

Can I get a “fuck yeah!” for Benjamin Godfre? We recently posted some pics of him in a Timoteo ad with other drill-worthy models, and now it’s time to focus the spotlight solely on his hot ass.

There’s a pic at the very end where he’s almost nude, and covering his junk with an “ooopsie! my cock!” pose and I think I came. Cute combined with sexy is the business.

Photo credit: Carl Proctor

For more pics of the godly Godfre, Follow the JUMP:

112 thoughts on “Benjamin Godfre Looks Good In Red

  1. He is totally smoking hot and fortunately wasn’t able to cover all of his goods with just the one hand.  That is indeed a might fine ass, sexy body and beautiful face. Send this hottie to The Ten.

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