Mike Cauke: Presidential Bottom

New poll finds voters really want someone who can “bend over and just take it and take it.”


Manhunt Daily has already thrown its massive and influential support behind this little hairy dude who thinks he’s gonna be the president but keeps putting dicks in his personal areas, but after seeing how well he can handle even a big dick like Dallas Steel’s, we were sure we’d made the right call.

In this newest update to the (seemingly endless) saga of America Gets Cauked, or Cauked Red Handed or whatever this is called, Pre-President Cauke gets caught (puns!) jacking his own dick by his Chief of Staffwhich, sidebar, doesn’t seem like anything a candidate ought to ever have to do unless he just really enjoyed it – instead of doing debate prep and as punishment he has to bounce up and down on some CoS cock for the rest of the scene:



Here are the MHD highlighs, for voters who are still undecided:

+ We’ve probably never had an uncircumcised president. I looked, but the results were confusing.


+ Taking it and smiling are basic tenants of this job anyway.


+ We won’t have to have another eternity long impeachment over blowjobs, because obviously.


+ Hairy asses are IN for Spring/Summer 2016.


+ There’s a big red handprint on Cauke’s ass starting around minute 31 of the full scene. That’s not relevant, I just liked it.

Cauke’s got what you want and what you need, whether you as a nation, are ready to admit that. But Dallas Steele’s deep, penetrating explortation of this candidate is all we required to climb onto the Cauke. Bandwagon.

You can watch the full scene here.


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– tyler


4 thoughts on “Mike Cauke: Presidential Bottom

  1. I hate to be the spell check police but check the spelling of the title. Shouldn’t it be “presidential” rather than “presdeintial”?

  2. Oh my god. Oh my sweet lord in heaven. See. THIS kinda shit is why I need to check the comments EVERY DAY. Goddamnit.

    I’m so fucking embarrassed. I’m going to delete this whole post just out of sheer embarrassment.

    I’ll be hiding under this rock if anyone needs me.


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