Michael Phelps on Top of the World!

Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated

Michael Phelps has worked hard all of last week and earned his coveted eight Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now comes the praise and glory all that hard work earned him.

Phelps is on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing all eight of his medals, in a picture reminiscent of the famous 1972 shot of Mark Spitz, whose seven Gold Medals record was beaten by Phelps on Sunday.

He is also looking for new endorsements deals. Before the games began Phelps was earning about 5 Million per year on endorsements, his agent expects that to double, and says Phelps could earn as much as 100 Million dollars over his lifetime. Michael Phelps has every reason to smile right now.


One thought on “Michael Phelps on Top of the World!

  1. Finally a real man that achieves the goals he sets for himself. lol
    Congratulations Micheal, you deserve the glory.

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