Max Sargent Throws Addison Blue A Fuck Party

Max Sargent is Addison Blue’s step-dad and overhears him planning to throw a party when he’s out. Addison discovers that keg parties are lame compared to hot step-dad blasting your ass with his fuck gun.

Addison opens his hole up for his step-dad and pushes back into him letting Max go balls deep. Max starts to fuck him slow then fast until Addison wants to control and wants to ride that shaft. They switch positions and Addison rids Max’s dick like a champ grinding it hard and deep until Max is about to cum and he flips Addison on his back and pulls his dick out releasing his built up load all over Addison’s smooth chest. Addison strokes his dick until he erupts all over himself and they finish it all off with a kiss and of course, Max tells him he can still have his party.

Aw, soundly fucked AND you get a party! Click here for more from Dylan Lucas!

Michael Xavier


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