Max Sargent Throws Addison Blue A Fuck Party

Max Sargent is Addison Blue’s step-dad and overhears him planning to throw a party when he’s out. Addison discovers that keg parties are lame compared to hot step-dad blasting your ass with his fuck gun. Addison opens his hole up for his step-dad and pushes back into him letting Max go balls deep. Max starts […]

DylanLucas: Max Sargent Stuffs Brandon Wilde’s Bubble Butt

I love these sorts of cliched scenes. Brandon Wilde is sweeping out the garage when the neighbor man Max Sargent ambles over to see if he can get up in that butt. Wilde immediately puts that brook down and gets another sort of broomstick in his butt. Brandon Wilde’s ass is pretty hard to resist. […]

Luke Adams And Max Sargent Fuck In Your New Favorite Daddy/Son Scene

The older/younger thing is one of the more familiar porn tropes, and for good reason. The results are usually very cum-worthy when a seasoned older man and a FIERY HOT younger dude get together. Something about the mature muscle man and the young, beefy porn stud connecting makes my dick twitch like you wouldn’t believe. […]

An Interview With Max Sargent: Embracing His Daddy Side (And TSA Pat Downs)

­­­­Max Sargent started doing porn at the age of 49. He’s got a charming smile and a phenomenally girthy cock, which you can see stuffing the holes of Mike Tanner and Eli Hunter in MEN.COM’s “The Straight Man”. He also has a part in Joe Gage’s highly anticipated Dad Out West, which comes out this […]

Daddy’s Boys: Max Sargent Stuffs His Thick DILF Cock Into Justin Beal

This might be one of the first Daddy’s Boys entries where both performers have a little salt and pepper action happening on their heads, but I suppose I’m trying to make some vague point about how being a “daddy” isn’t exclusively limited to age or physical appearance? The sight of Max Sargent‘s thick cock definitely […]

Daddy’s Boys: Meet 49 Year-Old DILF Max Sargent

With his thick shaft, muscular physique and panty-dropping smile, Max Sargent has potential to join the ranks of Dirk Caber, Andrew Justice and Brad Kalvo as one of gay porn’s most popular and/or omnipresent daddy types. The bad news is that his debut isn’t anything to write home about. The good news is, it isn’t […]

Iconmale: Jerk Off And Join Me!

Should that be reversed? Wait – jerk off first? Shouldn’t I save it up? Lance Taylor is a student who moves in with Older Daddy Max Sargent. After showing him the house Max can’t stop thinking of how much he wants to fuck Lance and starts jerking off until Lance catches him and joins him […]

This A+ Penis Bottoms, TOO!

It made my whole day!   Bless Titan for bringing Eric Nero to my attention. I know he was around and doing other stuff before Titan, but they really gave me a nice introduction to just one of the best penises working in the business today. It’s just super:     Eric’s Penis makes another […]

Ian Levine Looks Like a Little Baby!

Like an adorable, yet somehow simultaneously old-enough-to-consent baby.   Icon Male knows their crowd. I can’t fault them for that.  It must be tough though, coming up with all sorts of new and interesting scenarios to jam a mature father-figure with a “oh man is that guy 18 yet?” kid.  In this latest release Ian […]

The Ten: Tim Kruger Lasts Six Weeks On Top

This is the third consecutive week that Tim Kruger, Eddie Eduardo and Seth Fornea have held the top three spots on The Ten, as well as the sixth week that Kruger has reigned as “Sexiest Man of The Moment”. Beyond this power trio, the top five had a little bit of a shake-up. Kelvin and […]