Matthew Mitcham: Out and Ready for Gold in Beijing

So while the U.S has the extremely talented Michael Phelps representing at the 2008 Olympics, and winning gold medals, there is another Olympian that caught my attention, Matthew Mitcham.

He is the first openly gay Australian to compete in the games, and one of only 10 gay Olympians in Beijing.

Mitcham has dealt with issues like depression and anxiety in his teenage years and overcame it all to seek out the ultimate prize at the 2008 Olympics. He talks about these issues, as well as his quest to have his partner attend the games in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald:

“The gold medal hopeful’s journey has not been easy. Those close to him have seen Mitcham, 20, battle depression, retire in his teenage years after physical and emotional burn-out, then nine months later resume his sport and build himself into the champion he is today. One person who has been by his side for the entire tumultuous journey is his partner, Lachlan. ‘We can’t afford for Lachlan to go at the moment,’ Mitcham said. ‘But Johnson & Johnson offer grants to go to Beijing and I’ve nominated Lachlan as the support person I want to go.'”

He will be competing in the 10m platform event on Monday, August 18.

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