Hot Or Not: The Only One Naked

Here’s a kinky situation. It’s a group of guys – hopefully ones you know and trust. And the only one without clothes on is YOU. You become the nude plaything for the rest of the men, the literal representation of “sex object.” Is that scary or totally hot? In that scenario, there’s obviously an element of submission and maybe even a little humiliation. Everyone else has clothes on and your body is completely on display.

To demonstrate the concept, here’s Ronni from First Auditions. The extremely cute ginger is stripped, examined, and molested by two other fully clothed men. He’s then plugged and forced to jack off. Hey, we said it was kinky.

What do you think? Is that hot or a little too dark-sided for you? It’s like being the human centerpiece at a sex buffet!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: First Auditions

For more shots of the singularly naked Ronni, Follow the JUMP:

23 thoughts on “Hot Or Not: The Only One Naked

  1. I think it would be an awesome turn-on. There’s something very carnal about it, where your sole purpose at that moment is sexual gratification, either for yourself or for others (or both). It’s definitely got to be at the top of any exhibitionist’s to-do list, since everyone’s attention is on them.

  2. You come up with a decent premise like “the one and only” or yesterday’s “Jerked off on camera”.   But then the visuals don’t work!    Where are the hot  fully clothed men, that would make the scene erotic?  We get to see a snipet of a shirt but  mostly close up of hands or a cute naked guy alone. 
    Yesterday’s guy is seen holding his enourmous erection… more like to support it from flopping over… but not really ‘jerking’ anything!

  3. imagine how hot it would be clamping him up, then extreme torturing him… cactus in ass, cheese grater on cock, electric carving knife dildo, cut that ballsack open and let the testiclees drop out of the bag and hang in the air by the epididymis… watch him scream and laugh hilariously!!!

  4. all i gotta say is Michal your fucked mate seriously!!! and um yeah i would love to be him tied up and fucked be awesome

  5. Am I misunderstanding here? How is this guy ‘the only one naked’? He’s the only one in the pictures. The only one naked is a hot concept, but you didn’t post any such pics.

  6. I agree with some of the others – the scenario is incredibly HOT, but the photos don’t support the concept.  I think the kid is cute and hot, but would have loved to see just a little more to drive the titillation factor up a little.

  7. I am in total agreement with all the others that the scenario ( all though hot )  is a disappointment because the pixs  ( paraphrasing Bleuskymn ) do not support the concept….. 

  8. Never done it in a group — but that is one of my signature moves — to strip him down completely and resist all of his advances to as much as remove my socks.

  9. Michal, my friend, you are seriously troubled! 🙂

    Okay so you were kidding! Good one, because you really had me going for a second or two. Lol!

    Although …….. the mere fact that your imagination/ sense of humor, could go there is rather disturbing. 🙂
    But don’t mind me, I’m NOT a psychologist. 🙂

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