Manhunt X Tour 2011 – The Video

Despite what you may think the life of a gay porn blogger is like, I’m usually not the one up on the banquette pulling off the go-go boy’s jock with my teeth and falling face first on to his cock. I normally prefer quiet evenings at home, with Netflix, my dog, and well – porn. Nevertheless, the party Manhunt threw here in Boston for our last stop on our Manhunt X Tour 2011 sounded so big and so hot (“big” and “hot” are definite buzzwords) that I had to go. I’m glad I did! Most of the men I have jacked it to at one time or another on my laptop were within licking distance, DJ Nina Flowers had my head bobbing (to the music she was spinning, not on her dick), and Jessica Wild is, well, Jessica Wild! I’d rather see her lip-synch J. Lo’s songs than have J. Lo lip-synch them! It was an amazing night. Check out the following video and you’ll get the idea.

p.s. How hot is it when cute bald cops are good sports and will pose with gay porn stars? By the time I had gotten drunk enough to hit on Officer HotAss, he was gone! Smart guy.

BIG thanks to Faith Michaels for letting us use her song “Fetish”. You can pick it up on ITunes!

– J. Harvey

To watch the video of our Manhunt X Tour 2011 party at the House of Blues, Follow the JUMP:

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