Fuck, Marry, Block: New Year’s Eve Television Hosts

I am taking the insane step of being in New York City on New Year’s Eve this year. Actually, if you’re a New Yorker and you’re in the vicinity of our new Times Square billboard on NYE day, come look for me! I’m doing man-on-the-street interviews to find out what people think of it!

Enough about me (can you DO man-on-the-street interviews if you’re drunk as hell?), if you’re staying in NYE (it IS amateur night after all), which one of these primetime party hosts would you fuck, which would you marry and which is getting his ass BLOCKED from your Manhunt profile? Ryan Seacrest is celebrating 40 years of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t prop the poor guy up this year, please?). Carson Daly is holding things down on NBC. And the lovely and talented Anderson Cooper (and fabulously mouthy sidekick Kathy Griffin) will be trying to keep the gay contained (for now) on CNN. Frankly, I’d take Kathy. Your boner will leave, but at least you’ll be laughing. Play “Fuck, Marry, Block” Auld Lang Syne style after the jump!

– J. Harvey

Ryan Seacrest

Carson Daly

Anderson Cooper

1,917 thoughts on “Fuck, Marry, Block: New Year’s Eve Television Hosts

  1. Fuck and Marry Anderson Cooper & Carson Daly. Block the midget. (Seacrest OUT!!!) 

    Anderson is the only reason to watch CNN between 9pm and 6am and I’ve been crushing on Carson Daly since his address was actually in times square on TRL. 

  2. Maybe Cooper will come out on New Year’s Eve finally, if troll Kathy Griffin will be making as many endless references to gay sex, as she did last year.  I thought she was embarrassing last year and was hoping she would not be back.  And I’d fuck all three of these guys and marry any of them too.

  3. Block Daly
    Marry Cooper
    Deny Seacrest his “finish” for the rest of his life for unleashing the Kardasians upon the world.

  4. Fuck and marry cooper and hold my hand above Seacrest’s head and tell him “you must be this tall to ride this.”

  5. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/21/12 can’t come soon enough if this is my only choice

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