MANHUNT is Back Up!


Please note, we are experiencing a temporary system outage that may
affect your usage of the MANHUNT site. We are working quickly to
resolve it. Thank you.


UPDATE: MANHUNT is back up! Thanks for your patience.

34 thoughts on “MANHUNT is Back Up!

  1. All of us systems guys just drank a double espresso shot and we’re typing as fast as we can working to get things back UP! Thanks for the patience.

  2. this is becoming a bit ridiculous. your site has now been down for around 6 hours. stop sucking eachothers cocks and start doing your job.

  3. you mean the one about the attorney general investigating that minors are on the site. I did see that briefly but it must have been taken off. Comments are meant to be an open forum…not for you to pick and choose which ones fit your agenda.

  4. If you have any questions about your account please contact our Customer Service department. Thank You!

  5. This site is by no means an open forum. There is a ton of censorship here. Readers should think about using other sites.

  6. Chicago men….the only reason why your frustrated is because u can’t get any…the website has been up all night…just because u can’t get any doesnt mean u have to spread rumors….get a life

  7. For this chicago guy…
    1. chatted with buds on other sites also have the same problem.
    2. seems to be guys using IE7.
    3. clearing cache works briefly and then problem resumes.
    4. conclusion: whatever they hell they did on Friday for 6 hours has f’d up the system for a lot of users.
    Guys having problems getting into manhunt are not having problems with other sites – so must be a manhunt problem.
    Was logged on successfully earlier htis morning – now can’t get logged in again – it is an intermittent cum and go problem. Scott – your post is unhelpful. There is a legitimate problem.
    Chris Late – thanks for the suggestion – doesn’t seem to be it.
    Am an IT guy myself – I’m no fool when it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting the source of problems. It’s an IE7 and manhunt compatibility issue of some sort introduced since Friday’s outage and updates.

  8. It’s been two days I have been unable to use the site. You have a frustrated member here, men. Fucks up my weekend plans

  9. this is not working very good latelly… :(( c’mon guys… fix it soon, we miss manhunt :)) xxx

  10. Yeah what’s the deal it’s 3 PM on the east coast and I’m getting 500 error. Wow….great upgrade…pffst

  11. I hope for all of us that are paying members we get a credit for all this down time. I am in central US and haven’t been able to get in since the evening of Sept 30, 2009.

  12. ok News update. Manhunt loads and works on IE 8.
    but not FireFox 3.5.3
    I still think Manhunt Admin staff needs to credit us and be sending out emails about the issue.

  13. I have been unable for weeks to upgrade to full membership as the system will not accept my UK credit card – I am based in London. This is ridiculous. Can somebody please contact me about it.

  14. Oh and another thing. I just tried clicking on the Customer Service option and it doesn’t even allow me to do that. So could some kind person please give me the phone number for Customer Service so that I can call them. Cheers

  15. Can someone give me a telephone number at ManHunt to call? I cannot open my mail and it keeps saying “error on page”. When I click on Customer Service, I also Get “Error on Page” I cannot find a telephone number anywhere and I cannot navigate ManHunt at all. Thanks to anyone with a contact number.

  16. my manhunt is not working,. i click on customer service and it doesnt do anything. when i click on mail or other profiles nothing happens, wtf?

  17. Is Manhunt down? I have been trying for over a week and will not load. Glad I’m not paying for it!!!

  18. Just tried Internet Explorer. It sort of works but very slow. Not changing my browser from Firefox just for Manhunt!! Don’t know whose fault it is.

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