Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Penis

Fractured Penis

Ever wonder if you can actually break your penis? Or if there's a bone in your boner? Can you tell if your MANHUNT hookup is big just from flaccid cock pics? Are you a 'show-er' or a 'grower'? We've got some facts about your man part that may surprise you.

  • Ever get a woody at an inappropriate time, and can't get it to go down no matter how hard you think about vagina or dead puppies? According to Drogo Montague, MD, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic, "That's because the penis answers to a part of the nervous system that's
    not always under your conscious control. This is called the autonomic
    nervous system, which also regulates heart rate and blood pressure."
  • It's difficult to determine how big an erection will be by looking at a flaccid penis. "In one study of 80 men, researchers found that increases from flaccid
    to erect lengths ranged widely, from less than a quarter inch to 3.5
    inches longer…A penis that doesn't gain much length with an erection has become known
    as a show-er, and a penis that gains a lot is said to be a grower."
  • There's no bone in your boner but you can break your cock, and you really don't want to. It's more common in teenagers who usually get the stiffest stiffies. "A common way that penile fracture happens is when a man
    is thrusting too hard and fast during sex…When it happens, there's an audible pop or snap. Then
    the penis turns black and blue. And there's terrible pain."

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– Wilbur

2 thoughts on “Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Penis

  1. Owie, I didn’t need that description!
    I’m a grower and I sometimes feel odd about that, but it’s always a nice surprise for the interested party.

  2. “…there’s an AUDIBLE pop or SNAP…?!!!”
    Now I’ve heard my calf muscle “pop” during an ultimate frisbee match, and it was not a pleasant experience; both with the pain and watching the muscle retract like a window shade.
    But if my weiner made any popping or snapping sound during a fuck session, I’d probably pass out on the dude under me…or maybe hurl in his hair.

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