Manhunt Daily Wood: Jim And Erik

Half-brothers Jim and Erik flirt with the incest taboo (ok, more like make out with it) in these series of pics from The Guy Site. We’re big fans of The Guy Site here at Manhunt Daily. The guys look like…guys. There’s a lack of obvious primping, and the models’ gym efforts aren’t as strenuous as some of the other, somewhat more chiseled, guys we feature. Less obviously hunky guys can be very hot, too.

We’ve posted about cubby delight Erik and his butt scar before, and we were happy to meet his half-brother Jim, who’s got a solid body and a cute, friendly face. These two have an  “aw shucks” aura about them, even as they show off their buttholes and junk for the camera. It’s kinda adorable.  You can just tell they were giggling when they had to hug each other naked. They’re like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life. A very, very perverted Norman Rockwell painting.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: The Guy Site

For more pics of Jim and Erik, Follow the JUMP:

17 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Jim And Erik

  1. What a bunch of dopey poses!  Use just a teeny weeny bit of imagination, people.  Then maybe it’ll make the teeny weenies look a teeny weeny bit  better.  I will give them a B+ on the low hangers.

  2. Jim is such a hottie…I see him on cam4 occasionally. He is so cool, sweet, confident, and horny.

     Since he is recognized from the Guy Site and X tube, he talks  to everybody and answers all their questions and requests  while he is jacking off  the  the whole time… He does have a dirty mind too….I think he is sexy hot.

  3. Both of these guys are hot! They seem like ordinary guys that I would be crushin on. 

  4. Exactly.  It’s so much better than the usual parade of plastic mannequins that all look alike and are a dime a dozen here (and worth less than that).

  5. Woof! Always nice to see some beefy, normal lookin’ studs tonight! Who cares if they are half brothers. Its not like they are fucking or anything + isnt the whole taboo about incest the risk of getting pregnant?

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