Count Down To The New Year With Andrew Christian

As a follow-up to their boner-inducing Christmas video, the folks at Andrew Christian have filmed an explosive New Year’s Eve clip set to Cazwell and Peaches almost-good-but-mostly-embarrassing-for-everyone-involved track “Unzip Me”. We say “explosive” in the sense that there are literally substances erupting all over these models’ faces and muscular bodies. One of them even shoots some down the back of another model’s undies!

Watch it and you’ll understand. We call dibs on the guy with the chest tattoo.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the video:

FYI: If you like any of the undies, they’re available here. Sadly, the models are NOT for sale.

14 thoughts on “Count Down To The New Year With Andrew Christian

  1. Oh Dewitt, honey, EVERYTHING is for sale, including these models.  It’s just a matter of finding the right price. 😉

    That said, where the fuck is THIS New Year’s party because it’s going to be 10 million times hotter than whatever last-minute get together I wind up putting in an appearance at.

  2. if that is a sell out, i say keep selling out!  love the underwear, then men, the music!  Happy New Year!

  3. Well my goodness, that certainly makes me want to do something but run out and by underwear is not what it is…but snaps to him for targeting the gay community that way. I mean really, will str8 guys want to buy underwear that makes them want to dance around and party with other men?  (Side note: wouldn’t it be cool if underwear had that type of superpower?)

  4. Damn, those guys looked like they had F-U-N!!! Hope the shoot was just as much fun! They seemed like guys who like to smile and aren’t afraid to show it! Great work!!!

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