Manhunt Daily Wood: Anthony

Would you believe us if we said Anthony‘s gigantic penis had no influence whatsoever on our decision to crown him as week’s Manhunt Daily Wood? Good! Because we would have been lying to you. Big dicks are big dicks, and while we’re certainly not size queens by any means, we’re not going to pretend that they’re not nice to look at (or fantasize about).

For the record, Anthony’s also equipped with a deliciously round ass. Seriously! You don’t even want to know the things we’d do to that ass… Okay, well, maybe you do. If you’re willing to share with us what you’d do with Anthony, then maybe we’ll consider sharing our thoughts.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Murray!

Click through to see more of Anthony:

Bonus shot, just because it’s fun:

1,650 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Anthony

  1. great cock he has..but the butt is where I would stay for a few hours..just kissing and licking and teasing that mighty fine butt.

  2. yummy for my mouth…bubble butt and a nice long cock. a beautiful manly man of color. I wish you could provide us with more  men of color more often…all colors. thanks for this sexy treat.

  3. Absolutly amazing!  Outstanding looks and body.  The ass would get a lot of my attention…then of course the rest.  Wouldn’t waist any of that!

  4. Does the dick not get hard?  Shouldn’t this be in the “quickie” section or whatever you call it when the pics are non-sexual?! 🙂  

  5. I’m surprised that no one mentioned the shaved pubes. I only bring it up because I have no objection to such with this hot guy. In fact, it keeps the view of his gorgeous cock unclutered.

  6. Wow we both have the same name so I’d be #2 and he can be #1  and we both are hot boys of color  I’d start out by kissing him on the lips and then lead on to some tongue action then I start sucking on his nipples one by one until both of them were erect then I’d start playing with his ass hole with my fingers to arouse his cock then I’d go down and start sucking the head of his cock then I’d try to deep throat as much of his shaft as possible then I’d start licking and sucking very gently on his balls as if they were cherries until he was fully hard then I’d put him inside me and we’d fuck like bunnies

  7. To piss off Fucktards like you!  It’s called “grooming”…it separates us from mouth-breathers like you!

  8. Grooming is one thing….and I can appreciate trimmed pubes, but OVERGROOMING makes you look like a little boy in that respect, which is not attractive in the least. Especially when it’s trimmed and shaved into a little lawn. It doesn’t look natural on a grown man with a big-ass dick.

  9. Very good looking dude. Beautiful body, especially the dick and ass. While I prefer a more natural look to men, I understand why he’d shave off most of his body hair while modeling- it shows muscle definition better. Wish the pubes were just trimmed, though, instead of completely eliminated.

  10. I’m confused… Some other MH posts say this guy was known as “Daryl” on Sean Cody a couple of years ago, and he certainly looks like exactly the same guy.  Except his cock is TOTALLY different now – at least two inches longer and a LOT thicker.  The shots above don’t look too fake, and his cock is too beautiful to be pumped…  so what gives???  Does he have a smaller-dicked twin????

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