Gay Ass Gossip: Katie Holmes Over Being Tom Cruise’s Beard

ITEM – It only took her five years. AND THE TALES SHE COULD TELL. People broke the story today that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. Here’s the official statement. Oh, lifetime Manhunt membership to the first person to find Tom’s new Manhunt profile.

“This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family,” says Holmes’s attorney Jonathan Wolfe. “Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”

Cruise’s rep tells PEOPLE: “Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy.”

She won’t say a word, though. You know she’s bound by some huge non-disclosure agreements just so she could escape Tom’s nightmare Scientology world. Look, if Nicole Kidman (who is an icy bitch) didn’t ‘fess up that she caught Tom sucking off the valet, the chick from Dawson’s Creek certainly won’t.

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Chris Evans recently revealed what he looks for in a lady to Women’s Health. I’m writing about this because I’m in Cambridge (just over the bridge from Boston) and Chris notes that he loves his Boston women (he’s a local, too). I love Captain America, so I’m wondering if I can somehow find a female friend who will assist me in a Bait Bus-type maneuver. He also likes girls with brown hair (I’ve got that!), and women who floss (I do that!), and who like dogs (got one!). Seriously, all that is needed here is for him to get over his stupid heterosexuality.


ITEM – This is the trailer for a new show on ABC called Last Resort. It looks fairly intense, and Scott Speedman’s in it. He’s a very underrated piece of ass. Not only that, but look who popped up in the background! The only reason to watch Glee!

25 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Katie Holmes Over Being Tom Cruise’s Beard

  1. Poor Tom, now he will have to watch Magic Mike all by himself. Maybe John Travolta or Chace Crawford is free. 

  2. Why does everyone keep saying Tom Cruise is secretly gay? How did this rumor get started? Is this just something gay guys like to say all the time because all the other gay guys are saying it, or is there an actual reason, (discovered pics, man claiming to be secret lover, etc.)?

  3. That’s right John, not because all are led by a person, as they say here in Mexico City Marcelo Ebrard who is gay just because gay marriage passed?, Which are not set to investigate was the real reason, and rather than continue to try to make them understand their ideas, not if I should laugh or give me courage

  4. Katie is free!

     “Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”… notice she said HER daughter… not THEIR daughter

  5. I saw Tom Cruise at a gay club surrounded by gay twinks…about 14yrs ago  He sure didn’t look to straight to me at them time lol

  6. chris klein was with katie up until the sudden announcement of the marriage to tom, but notably, Katie gave birth to Suri SEVEN and a HALF months after having first met Tom, and was not premature… 

  7. Uh there have been a few cases of men claiming to have had relations with Tom Cruise coming forward.  They’ve all been settled out of court or dropped for various reasons. 

    The reason the speculation persists much like the similar ‘rumours’ that have followed John Travolta is that, multiple people have seen him in gay places, with gay people and rather than acknowledgeing any of that he stonewalls, and is part of a crazy-ass religion and so the rumours spread.  Hollywood is a shockingly small town. 

    Also, we all know the example of Rock Hudson and so many other mainstream hearthrob types with big box office draw that were secretly gay and were paraded through the headlines of their day in sham marriages cooked up by the studios.  There really isn’t any reason to believe that this isn’t still happening. 

  8. Yeah, an infamous friend of a friend who works in PR told me a few years ago that the kid was Chris Klein’s, also that it was just a 5 year contract so…I’ve pretty much been waiting for it.  She did almost bail like, two years ago but that would have cost a bundle I imagine.

  9. Always found it strange he was married to Mimi and never had kids. Married to Nicole and only adopted kids. Then marries Katie and has a kid right off. Always thought it was Chris Klein’s too. They look just alike. Tom is either gay, sterile or impotent. 

  10. I dated a guy in Sydney who was friends with Tom’s ex. He’s a very muscular personal trainer in Sydney. One of the reasons he arranged the marriage with Nicole was firstly to dispel rumours about his homosexuality, but also so that he would have a regular excuse to visit Sydney and his boyfriend often. they were together for 10 years before the constant harassing by lawyers to sign non disclosures drove the boyfriend away. 

    Apparently Tom is a total bottom. 

  11. I’ve had a “crush” on Scott Speedman since the “Felicity” craze.  Glad to see him making a comeback.

  12. Always amazed me that Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jodi Foster, Kirstie Alley
    and Parker Stevenson all have belonged to the Church of Scientology, and all
    have had their sexuality “QUESTIONED”!   Coincidence????  Am I forgetting

    Second, as they say in baseball- 3 strikeouts (@marriage) & 4 balls (or more)
    “YOU’RE OUT”!!

    Just what I needed for this summer, weekly doses of gossip, and comments from
    “other sources”, so bring on the fresh issues of People/Us Weekly/In Touch…
    I want all the details.   😀

  13. I agree on what you said about Chris Evans XD and if Tom is gay or not who cares he is hot either way XD

  14. I personnaly cannot stand Tom Cruise as an actor. What an over rated excuse for an actor..Saying that it does not mean a can of crisco to me if he is gay or not. The part that bothers me about that hypocrite Tom is if he is GAY and with his scientology bullshit…I have a hard time seeing him as credible. I say good for Katie she finally had the balls to shed him. Perhaps she should go on Ellen and jump up and down on her chair!..And what is with her filing for sole custody of Suri????

  15.  She will def win custody, step dad Tom is never around. I read that autobiography about him and apparently he is impotent, but still gay. I really don t care, i will not have the opportunity to reject him when he makes a pass at me, so who cares. I think we re just out to prove Tom s major hypocracy hoping that it will come back and bite him someday. At least that s my hope. And this could get quite scandelous because the belief by scientology is that Suri is the promised reincarnation of L. Ron hubbard. Also, Katy hated Tom s mother, who was always at their house telling her how to raise Suri. Tom s mother is like his second eyes since he s not around much. And I bet thats the big reason for divorcing his gay ass.

  16. People will get mad at me for saying, but as hot as Chris Evans, he can stay straight. Besides being hot as all get out, he seems to be a good guy and if pussy makes him happy then so be it.

  17. I’m surprised that no one has commented on how unbelievably hot Tom Cruise is in Rock of Ages. I also think he gives a great performance, satirizing his own ego.

    Tom Cruised me in Central Park about twenty years ago. But Nicole Kidman was with him, so I did nothing more than feel flattered.

  18. I haven’t read the other posts, so not sure if this was said already. But I think that when their married/love became “public,” I rolled my eyes. And I roll my eyes again; this marriage was a sham – a long, convoluted sham. How far will gay-Hollywood keep pretending they are gay so that the mainstream will accept them as “legitimate” actors? The pre-nup is probably a contract that states Katie must stay married to Tom and have a child with him to make the union believable. How sad for Suri.

    And gay marriage isn’t legal everywhere?

  19. For me this falls firmly into my WHO CARES category.  I’ve got more important things to think about.

  20. Does anyone remember the skit from Will and Grace where Will is reading a magazine article about “Cruise and Cruz” and says something like “Yeah, I’m sure someone will believe that ….” Cutting edge comedy, I miss that show 🙁

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