What Would You Do?: Lance Corporal Scott

Here is a list of things I would do with Lance Corporal Scott (if he weren’t too busy finger-banging his ass on a leather couch):

• Pin his wrists above his head. Straddle him. Kiss him hard.
• Grind my ass against his crotch. Take his dick out, lube it up and ride it hard.
• Get up, strip him out of his uniform and bend over. Let him pound me doggystyle hard.
• Push him down on all fours. Eat his ass. Play with his hole. Fuck him hard.
• Cum on his back. Finger him on his back until he shoots. Hard.

But that’s just me! What would you do with Scott?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: All American Heroes

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940 thoughts on “What Would You Do?: Lance Corporal Scott

  1. I doubt he is active duty anymore if he was in because number one we never take our dog tag’s off he never had his on.  Rank and other stuff missing as well.

  2. Hell when I was an active duty Marine, in my 20s and 30s I got more but and cock than I knew what to do with. San Diego, (Oceanside) was a great duty station. Guys talk and when they found out I was a Marine————. OK I looked good and lifted weights, had a hairy chest and was the fantasy man to many!

  3. Oh don’t be stupid! Of course he’s not active duty. He’s probably never even been in the military. Fuck him and send him on his way!

  4. Based upon most of the above answers, it appears that we would only pick him apart and throw shade.

    I’d bury my face in that fuzzy round ass and stay for hours.  Just look at that rump-roast!

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