MANHUNT Cares: Dogs Are Talking Campaign


Dogs Are Talking is a San Francisco based Syphilis Awareness Campaign. The San Francisco Department of Public Health is spearheading this campaign to educate gay men about Syphilis and testing.

While they are the first to tell you that dogs can not get Syphilis and they don’t think gay men are dogs, they do see how men treat their dogs as exemplary. A man’s best friend didn’t get that title for no good reason, men love their dogs! We take care of our dogs regularly, and often better than we care for ourselves; the Dogs Are Talking Campaign wants to make sure gay men take care of themselves as well.

The campaign is pushing education on regular testing for Syphilis, and encourages testing every 3 to 6 months for sexually active men. The fact that 95% of Syphilis cases appear among gay and bisexual men, and the skyrocketing number of cases makes MANHUNT proud to partner with this campaign in pushing awareness.

For more information about the Dogs Are Talking Campaign, go to their website at

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