Make Me A Nude Model

Jonathan Waud  

If you've been following Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, you'd know that next week is the nude photoshoot episode. Well for all of you impatient hornballs, we have some hot naked pictures of contestant Jonathan Waud.

Check him out as he shows of his ASSets, in this shoot with photographer Rick Day. Jonathan is signed with Nous Model Management and I think he's going to win it all on the show.

– Andy

Photo Credit: Rick Day

For the sexy NSFW pictures, follow the JUMP:

Jonathan Waud
Jonathan Waud
Jonathan Waud
Jonathan Waud

23 thoughts on “Make Me A Nude Model

  1. Damn hes just like the female stereotypical models….anorexic or bulimic (prolly spelled horribly wrong)

  2. he’s obviously not either anorexic or bulimic because he’d have a really hard time getting that much muscle tone without enough nutrients in his system. He’s beautiful, stop hatin’

  3. no, it’s too much nutrition for not enough calories and fat ect 😛
    PS: that looks like supersoaker from xtube? (xraveboi or something like that… i can’t remember, haven’t gawked him in like a year plus now >.> )

  4. He IS hot…but is he what we typically hope to take home? Is he partner material for most of us?

  5. To address the anorexic comments, keep in mind the fashion industry has tunnel vision when it comes to any model who isn’t a size 30 waist or 5’10” or taller. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and designers need to acklowledge that fact. As for the competition, the judges are picking the winner this year and Jonathan seems to be in the lead, unlike last year when the viewers voted for the lone female finalist (whom I’ve yet to see show up in any layouts) instead of choosing Perry or Ben. Hey, Andy: any naked pictures of the other two male models?

  6. If I were one of the judges I’d deduct points for that stupid-ass tattoo scrawled across his shoulder blades. I don’t know where this trend got started that people feel compelled to use their bodies like some kind of scribble pad. I’ve seen some goons who have a book’s worth of writing tattooed on them. It’s an awful trend. At least with clothing you can give the stuff that once was hip but now you wouldn’t be caught dead in to Goodwill, and when it comes to hair you can always have it styled to go with the changing trend. But tats stay with you long after the fad is last year’s news. I’m sure that whatever that damn thing says, it means something personal to him. To me, that’s like wearing your underwear over your clothes. Some things are just better kept inside.
    I hope it doesn’t say “Hillary 2008”

  7. Fuck, I can’t believe anyone’s saying this guy is anorexic. He’s muscular with very low body fat; there isn’t a damn thing unhealthy about his body.
    It’s amazing the lengths out-of-shape queens will go to in an attempt to feel better about their own self-neglect.

  8. Thanks for the succinct and accurate commentary, Jeremy. And Jack-you don’t like major tats, we get that- but it isn’t YOUR body that this one is on, so too bad, so sad. As you said, it probably means something TO HIM, and that’s the point- it’s HIS body to scribble on if he feels the urge, and he is also the one that will suffer regrets and pain if he later wants to remove it, not YOU. Different people express their creativity differently, and I am quite sure that if you had a special something you liked to do or wear, that made no sense to anyone else and they criticized you for it, you would tell them to “F___ OFF “. Apply that to your comment, here. And as was pointed out, all those comments about anorexic (spelled correct, Josh and Joe) or bulimic (also correct, to my surprise- I thought it was bulemic, but the spell checker showed ME)- anyone who knows what those diseases do would know that the body could not be so well-muscled and toned if that were the case.

  9. Nice….but, he has the typically lean musculature of most male models today. I tend to go for athletic girth over his lean-sunken-in features…but hey, that’s my preference.

  10. I love it when people think that tattooing is some sort of new “fad” and that it’s going to go out of style in 6 months. Do a little research, people — it’s been around for hundreds of years. I don’t think tattoos are going anywhere anytime soon. (And before you make an assumption — no, I don’t have any tattoos. Not one.)

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