Judy Shepard Appears on Rachel Maddow Show

The North Carolina congresswoman who called Matthew Shepard's murder a "hoax" is hearing it from all sides, including the mother of Matt Shepard, who was actually in the room when the hateful remarks were made.

Judy Shepard appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show to discuss the remarks as well as the landmark passage of the Federal Hate Crimes Bill (HR 1913).

Since we last wrote about it, Rep. Virginia Foxx issued a statement where she blames her remarks on the media and never apologizes. I still think she should be ashamed for saying these things in front of Judy Shepard.

– Andy

For Foxx's full statement, follow the JUMP:

"It has come to my attention that some people have been led to believe
that I think the terrible crimes that led to Matthew Shepard's death in
1998 were a hoax. The term 'hoax' was a poor choice of
words used in the discussion of the hate crimes bill. Mr. Shepard's
death was nothing less than a tragedy and those responsible for his
death certainly deserved the punishment they received. The
larger context of my remarks is important. I was referring to a 2004
ABC 20/20 report on Mr. Shepard's death. The 20/20 report questioned
the motivation of those responsible for Mr. Shepard's death.
Referencing this media account may have been a mistake, but if so it
was a mistake based on what I believed were reliable accounts."

One thought on “Judy Shepard Appears on Rachel Maddow Show

  1. Disgusting beyond words. That she could call a murder a hoax with the victim’s mother in the room? Is she insane??? I suppose she’s a holocause denier too?

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