Jane Goody’s Widower Meets Boy George… In Prison… Naked

Jack Tweed

After his conviction for chaining and imprisoning an escort, I think any run-in with Boy George would be a little scary. But imagine such an encounter while naked in a prison shower! That's what happened to Jack Tweed, the widower of British reality star Jade Goody who died of cancer last month.

The Sun reports, "A pal [of Jack's] said 'Jack isn’t exactly the most comfortable person when it comes to
getting attention from other men. As soon as he saw Boy George was standing
there naked having a wash he was gobsmacked. He grew up listening to George’s records but never imagined the first time
he met him he would be stark naked in a prison shower.' Sources said Jack TWICE went to the showers only to find 1980s icon Boy

I think I'll skip the obligatory prison shower joke if you don't mind. But if you have any, feel free!

– Andy

246 thoughts on “Jane Goody’s Widower Meets Boy George… In Prison… Naked

  1. Who the hell is Jack Tweed? Who the hell is Jade Goody? Isn’t “reality star” an oxymoron? And what the hell was Jack Tweed doing in a prison shower? Actually, I can’t believe I’m wasting my time asking these questions.

  2. Boy George (George Alan O’Dowd) is a very talented man. If you’ve ever been a fan, you should remain one and give him another chance when he’s released from prison.
    Yes, George has had some problems in recent years with another drug addiction (this time cocaine), but he’s still the same wonderful person he always been. He’s been drug free since late 2007.
    In 2008, the Boy was working very hard to get his life and career back in order.
    He toured the UK in early 2008. Then, George toured South America in September. In October and November 2008, he toured the UK again. The US leg of his tour was cancelled due to problems obtaining a visa.
    In October 2008, George released a brand new single on digital download sites such as iTunes called, “Yes We Can,” inspired by US President Barack Obama. The dance track features lyrics about George’s own recent problems in addition to samples from Barack’s best speeches. It’s very commercial and catchy and proved that George still can make great music when he tries.
    In April 2009, George released another new single with dance act Bliss called, “American Heart.” The single can be purchased on digital download sites.
    When George is released from prison, he will recording a new album and touring the world…
    George isn’t the only music star to become addicted to drugs or go to prison. I could write list after list.
    Boy George paved the way for many, many gay people. He’s a legend and an icon. That will never change. We all have problems from time to time. Boy George was one of the biggest stars on the planet at one time. (He’s sold over 55 million albums and 100 million singles with Culture Club, not to mention the albums he’s sold as a solo artist and club DJ.) Think about what fame and stardom ususally does to most people… It’s harder than people think.
    I’m standing by my man, my Boy.

  3. OK, Jade Goody was that, what, Big Brother contestant who died from cancer? That story didn’t play as well in the US as it did elsewhere. But I didn’t know she had a husband. That’s fine, and I feel bad his wife died, but the part that’s missing is… WHY IS HE IN PRISON?!?

  4. Hmm, so like are they hooking up in there or is it just kind of look fantasize masterbate when you get back to your cell but dont touch things?

  5. She didn’t have a husband at the time, Matt. After she found out about the cancer, her family, boyfriend and supporters rushed to give her the bliss of her dream wedding with him before she croaked.
    And thanks Chuck, I wondered the same.

  6. MAY 11, 2009, GEORGE IS FREE!

  7. The Sun newspaper said this story was an error. Boy George didn’t share shower facilities with Jack Tweed.
    The Boy was released from prison on May 11, 2009.
    The Sun apologized to Boy George.
    George will begin recording a new album soon.

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