Lucas: Damon Heart, Ace Era, And Devin Franco Team Up And Fuck

Devin Franco never says “no” to a beefcake, so when Ace Era makes a move on him they immediately start making out and exploring each other’s bodies. Devin gets into sucking Ace’s hard dick fast, and when they sneak into an empty hotel room to be kinky, they’re not expecting the resident to return. But he does, and it is Damon Heart. If they’re going to be in his room, he’s going to get something out of it. Damon breaks out his arsenal of sex toys before he and Damon take turns breeding Ace in his ass.

I never say no to a beefcake, either. I would also like to point out that this scene features Damon Heart stacking Devin Franco and Ace Era on top of each other to fuck them. I LOVE a fuck sandwich! Click here for more!

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Michael Xavier

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