Men At Play: Manuel Sky, Mick Stallone, And Logan Moore Suit Up (And Then Suit Off)

It’s like “Threeway Day” at Manhunt Daily! (I loved this scene but didn’t see the promo until after I posted that last Lucas one. But I wanted to put it up cuz’ it’s hot and these three make my cock twitch. Also, blindfolds are hot.)

Once Mick has buttered up Logan with a glass of wine, and a nice sensual blowjob he blindfolds the oblivious guest, who thinks this is going to be a regular hook-up, but he couldn’t be further from the truth.
As Mick plays with his new toy, he sends a discreet message on his phone and in walks Manuel Skye, who sits by and watches as his partner fucks a strangers hole. Manuel whips out his thick meat and starts jerking off, as his fantasies come true before his very eyes.

But this wouldn’t be the perfect 3-way if Manuel didn’t join in, to tag-fuck Logan’s smooth hole.
And once the men have had their fill, the blindfold comes off and Logan realizes he’s in the middle of an unbelievably hot Skye / Stallone Sandwich.

Fun fact – Mick Stallone and Manuel Skye are a couple in real life! Click here for more!

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