Deep Dive

Chris Peyton makes his way down to Seth Peterson’s pants and unbuttons his fly, revealing hot yellow drawers, highlighting his hard-on. Chris wastes no time, inhaling the dark haired dude’s dick like dinner.

Then, Peterson pushes the big boy onto the bed, pulls down his “green for go” boxer briefs, and works his uncut cock overtime, only taking breaks to suck his sack.

After the deep dive into that derrière, Chris slides behind the hottie, then slips him the D. Peterson gets pounded out on his side, before bucking up and ordering his titan of a top to lay on his back.

Then, he hops on that uncut hog and takes it for a raunchy ride, arching his back and squeezing those bubble butt muscles, showing the beauty of that body. The sticky sight sends Peyton’s piece into the sex stratosphere, and his uncut cock cums, right next to Seth’s smooth crack.


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