Leonard Bernstein Just Rolled Over In His Grave

Even talented artists like Taylor Swift and Ne-Yo couldn't save this promo for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, which also stars Cobra Starship, Leighton Meester, Russell Brand and Katy Perry. The ensemble attempts to pay tribute to Broadway musical West Side Story by performing their alternate take on "Tonight", but they might as well have taken a dump on Leonard Bernstein's grave.

– Dewitt

16 thoughts on “Leonard Bernstein Just Rolled Over In His Grave

  1. I hate West Side Story. I don’t enjoy the music, the plot doesn’t appeal to me. If I could live the rest of my life and never have to deal with that show, I’d be very happy.
    This was worse.
    WSS deserved better.

  2. JH Christ this is appalling. I used to work for Bernstein, and I think I can say with confidence that he would have hated this abortion. I also hope that there are grounds for a copyright infringement suit on behalf of Bernstein’s estate — assuming that someone didn’t get bamboozled into going along with this shit.

  3. I can’t say I know the original that well so with that being said. If you can critique this, it’s possible that your not the target MTV made it for in this Jonas Brother era of ours.

  4. While the fact it was for MTV was really lame – but I think doing a new film version of west side story in modern day new york would be very fun.

  5. This is Garbage.
    Westside Story is garbage.
    Couldn’t they get any A-list artist in the promo?
    I will admit however a Katy Perry / Pink kiss would be hot!

  6. I thought it was alright. Not horrible, but not the most original idea. But seriously how old are you guys anyways? and do you really watch MTV now or will you? lol I mean compared to the shit that they have on there now, this is impressive.

  7. OMG. That was beyond appauling.
    Granted, I don’t like showtunes. I never understood why one would listen to showtunes (with a few exceptions) when one can listen to opera…
    Almost none of them can sing. Taylor Swift sounded good.
    I think the only good thing about this video was that it did a really nice job highlighting how Katy Perry can’t sing. At all. She’s amusingly and superficially talented, but NOT a singer.

  8. Taylor Swift is A-List bitch
    This was funny, that’s what it was meant to be. I enjoyed it, not musically, but in a comedic way. People listen to rap and Britney Spears.

  9. I kinda liked it. It showed innovation and classical-ism all together. Im not so sure i like the part about whats his ugly face getting lady gaga preggers but it was funny.
    Times are changing and yes we can hold on to the old and true classics or we can start innovating and making things shiny again. Ok and honeslty the dancing was still gay as fuck we can all agree on that.

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