This cowboy’s “lasso” in the viral dance to Beyoncé’s country bop has the internet ready to saddle up

Giddy up! The Beyhive has gone country now that Beyoncé has announced her upcoming Act II album will be pushing the yee-haw agenda. On Super Bowl Sunday, the pop diva interrupted our regularly scheduled programming with a (reportedly) $30 million Verizon commercial/Veep cross-over that ended with Beyoncé uttering four words […]

Ryan Murphy, creator of pretty much everything gay on TV, to be honoured for inspiring LGBT youth

Ryan Murphy has championed LGBT+ representation for years across his many TV shows – which include Pose, American Crime Story, American Horror Story and The Politician. His works from Glee to The Normal Heart have hoovered up GLAAD Awards over the years for their diverse queer storylines – and now Murphy will be honoured […]

Popular Demand: The Week of Mark Ruffalo’s Penis Overshadowing Everything Else

Career strategists might advise that the “do what you love” philosophy is one of the worst ways to navigate your professional future. However, I followed my deepest passion to blog about Mark Ruffalo naked and thereby share his penis with the whole world, and months later, […]

Straight Guys Are Gay/Cute Guys On YouTube: Three Marines Do Taylor Swift

Not that way. Yeah, they’re straight but I’m thinking she’s not ready to debut her “I’m so surprised, y’all” face whilst getting a train run on her in a tank. “Straight Guys Are Gay” was originally started to spotlight cute dudes on YouTube doing stereotypically […]