Lady Gaga’s “Hair”

The Lady Gaga juggernaut continues rollin’ down the pop star superhighway. “Hair” is the FOURTH advance single from next week’s release of the sure-to-be-epic Born This Way. Seriously, there was less fanfare when the rock rolled aside and Jesus came out of the cave. Do you think she’s fatigued with all of this promotion? She must be fatigued. Even the other popstresses are looking at her like “damn, woman, have a Blockbuster night for once!”

As for this single? Personally – “eh.” How many strident “be yourself!” anthems can you fit on one record? Yes, it’s an excellent message for the kids. I just kinda miss when she was singing about riding dick at the club. It also sounds sorta like a blend of Avril, Katy, and Pink’s best efforts. Hopefully, the rest of the album will be edgy club tracks. There’s only so much self love you can practice!

– J. Harvey

To listen to “Hair,”Follow the JUMP:

24 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s “Hair”

  1. Personally I think the “Be yourself message is great and provides a great theme for the entire album, which IS called Born This Way…
    Also I think the sound of all the songs thus far are very cohesive and are going to form a very legitimate album and not just a conglomeration of songs.
    The song itself is pretty good but it’s the stories behind each song for me that makes it and give it meaning. I get a little teary eyed every time I listen to Edge of Glory because I have a 92 year old grandpa who I know doesn’t have much time left just like hers. Hair is great just for the metaphor and story of her repressed identity and how greatly she shines and shows it now.
    PS. a day late? Marry the Night is already out!

  2. J.Harvey… you’re beginning to piss me off. I really don’t value your opinion… so less said in your posts the better. Have you noticed that most of the comments whether it be about choice of men… long hair… butts… or Ashton Kutcher… disagree with you. And does anyone still go to ‘Blockbuster’… the video stores by me have all gone out of business. As a source of movie rentals they have become as dated as your opinions.

  3. This album just gets shittier and shittier. I’m officially not a fan anymore. Where in the hell did “Poker face,” “Paper Gangster,” and “Lovegame” Gaga go? She was amazing. I know, I know, she “evolved” into this knock off madonna/grace jones creature. RIP Great Gaga.

  4. You know, every time I read one of your Gaga review posts, there’s that whole ‘this song sounds like a mix of this-person and that-person’. Can you just say you like it or hate it and stop trying to compare her to other singers / artists?

    I thought the point of Gaga was that she was unique and stuff.

    And yes, I like ‘Hair’ very much.

  5. @Rich – I totally agree.

    Number 1 – this is an amazing song.
    Number 2 – it has a great message
    Number 3 – it has a great beat.

    Stop comparing Gaga to everyone else. It is so annoying.

    Also, peeps complain when she sounds like her old album; then peeps complain when she doesn’t sound like her old album.

    For fuck sake, she cannot please everyone guys!

  6. @Bodysurfn… You are a dried up piece of shit!!! If you don’t like the blog then stop fucking reading it!!! Why do friendless, talentless, douche bags such as yourself try to bully and belittle others who are so much more talented? Does it somehow make your tiny ego (and even smaller dick) feel a little better? Get a fucking life asshole.

  7. @Eddie R- That’s really harsh. Considering “the Fame Gaga” was a David Bowie/Freddie Mercury knockoff. She always acknowledges her influences, though I would say Springsteen is more of an influence than either Madonna or Grace Jones… It’s what she grew up with, and if a MAN were releasing her songs it would be the best shit ever. They’re still great just different. Even the Fame from the Fame Monster were different. The Fame was much more bubble pop, the Fame Monster more Techno, BTW is more Rock and Roll. Her sound has changed not her writing style really. It’s the production process.

  8. There is NOTHING unique about Lady Gaga. She is nothing more than a mimic artist. She’s taken bits of pieces of crazy singers, pasted them together and tried pass it off as what she’s like. Her songs are terrible. She’s obviously exploiting the gay community and she’s succeeding at it. This bitch should hurry up and go to give artists with real talent the spotlight for a change.

  9. SwaggaLikeUs yea she is using the gay community….why would she use a community that really has no influence over anyone else…have u notice gay marriage isnt legal in all 50 states.

  10. Im not really the biggest Gaga fan, but I definitely agree with the message of the song – and album – in general.
    As for the comments about her “using” the gay community, that’s a load of bull. Honestly, I see it the other way around; the gay community idolizes and created an icon of her, it’s no surprise she wouldn’t play to that strength, any artist would be foolish not to.

  11. Hair > Born This Way

    I was totally hating on her after Born This Way and Judas, but Edge of Glory and Hair won me back over.

  12. I lost it for gaga , she is putting me to slep
    I am not buying her album next week
    Please Gaga go away for a year or two and have a comeback

  13. Okay, I’m glad to see I’m not alone here. . . Lady Gaga’s recent work can be summed up pretty much as pandering and blatantly offensive. First off, she was born a swarthy-skinned Brunette Italian named Stephanie, so if she’s saying the anorexic blond faux-Diva with (at least in the “Born this Way” video) cheek implants . . . so Born this Way I think not. Second, it seems like everything she is doing is just “look, I love gays. Gays are great. Woo I’m a freak and the gays at least will love me for it”. Offensive I hear you asking? Well, just read the lyrics to “Judas”. If that wasn’t her sticking her middle finger up at the Catholic Church, and Christianity in general, I don’t know . . . That being said, please note that I severed ties with Rome 13 years ago and have been a proud non-Christian since. Just my thoughts on Gaga . . .

  14. Hmmm, maybe don’t post every single she releases – especially if you think it’s “eh”. There’s a Gaga blog out there for people who like this stuff.

  15. If you wnat songs like; lovegame, pokerface & bad romance then i have brilliant news for you. It’s still on he old album just popo it on to your ipod & Voila! I’m amazed at her progess 🙂 guess alot of people don’t undestand what it is to be an artist. Paws up to Gaga!

  16. I’ve always thought there are divas (and divos) to whom gay people really idolize, either they want it or not. And there are div@s that once they’ve known their gay fans, simply love them for what they pay. But be realistic, people: we, gays, are a… 10% of the population? 15%? It’s good to capture this part of the market, but be sure it will be much better if they can capture the other 85%…
    About this album and these songs, I simply wonder why is she drowning everything with “singles”. Can’t she simply have one every 3 months, as everyone? This is a way of getting people really tired of it… before being born. This way or another.

  17.  Sounds like an “edgy club track” to me!  I actually like this better than the three cuts she’s released prior to this.

  18. I really like it.   It is more listener friendly compared to the previous tracks.    Can’t wait for the rest of the disc! 


  20.  Why did you get rid of the weekly top 10 music blog yet continue to post everything that Gaga does?

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