Colby Keller Is The New Face of Vivienne Westwood

In related news, my monkey’s paw only has two wishes left on it.


If you care at all about fashion or naked men (as you likely do since you’re busy reading gay porn blogs), you must have heard by now that industry mainstay, artist (as in, actual artist, not the way Britney Spears is technically a “recording artist”), and generally erudite man about town, Colby Keller, has become the newest face of Vivienne Westwood’s eponymous fashion brand, appearing in the VW S/S lookbook. He told NewNowNext:

“As a nerd at heart, I always appreciate the historical references embedded in her work, and as an activist I’m drawn to her punk sensibility. She puts a lot of thought, research, and heart into every collection.”

The pics released so far are unsurprisingly sexy, but surprisingly full frontal (the good kind) for a major fashion brand. I’m pleased to live in an era when a pornstar’s wang is considered high fashion:


It’s nice to see an adult performer actually bridge that gap between sex on camera and high fashion. Instead of just yammering on about how fashion they are for a hundred years.

You go Colby Coco.

– tyler

6 thoughts on “Colby Keller Is The New Face of Vivienne Westwood

  1. Fashion is like beauty usually in the eye of the beholder and many opinions about it coming from all angles.

    While I realize your post is about Keller and his being involved with this it’s hard to pay attention to that fact and not want to say yeah or nay to the fashion part.

    Great he is breaking out into more than just porn and trying to be seen more as a porn star but well um the fashion is better seen in someone else’s more enlightened eyes.

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