Kyle & Fish Finally Do It

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Gay soap opera couple Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish (affectionately known as "Kish") have finally consummated their relationship on One Life to Live. The scene, starring Brett Claywell and Scott Evans, is raunchier than you would expect from daytime television. I couldn't believe it when Kyle was yelling at Fish to pound him harder!

Just kidding! It was actually quite passionate and romantic. The boys lit some candles, kissed each other gently and then headed to the bed for some good lovin'. When it's all done, Fish asks Kyle, "Is it always gonna be like this?" To which he replies, "Always." If only the real world worked like this…

– Dewitt

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19 thoughts on “Kyle & Fish Finally Do It

  1. Actually, Dewitt, it was Oliver (Fish) who asks Kyle “Is it always gonna be like this?”.
    But I’m glad they finally did it! Yay!

  2. We should all email ABC and thank them for this honest and loving portrayal of affection between two people of the same sex. The haters who think this is disgusting and immoral are not going to be shy about complaining. We need to counter that with messages of thanks and praise.

  3. In some ways I hate to say it,but that was tastefully done for daytime television. Good job for getting straight women to like us as a culture. Like straight men and lesbians, I know more straight women who love to watch two guys together. Nice song too.

  4. I love that they are doing this.. and they did a great job.. with this.. that was a great song.. anyone know what the name of the song is .. thanks,

  5. Maybe they’re actually progressive enough to flip, not be locked into roles or labels like “top” and “bottom.”

  6. ^ True, but it’s always fun guessing who’s the dominant top and which one’s the greedy bottom. 😀
    I hope Scott Evans is a greedy bottom, I’d pound his ass till he blacked out.
    … In a good way.
    In all seriousness, flip flop between the both of them would have been hot if not hotter.

  7. Are you F****** kidding me? “Kish”??? I thought we were supposed to be making “advances” in the way gay men are portrayed in mainstream media… “Kish”? That sh** is gayer than gay!!!

  8. Hey Jeff. Lets play a game. Its called the any step in a good light
    is a good step forward. Why is the idea of two men being romantic
    and not rippinvlg each other’s clothing off a bad idea. They are both
    strong masculine men, one of which is a cop. How many times would
    you have asked for tv not to use “will and Jack” type characters before
    this that now this isn’t good enough either? Mainstream heterosexual
    media, as well as gay main stream media found the couple as fond as
    Brangelina or Bennifer to give them a couple nickname. As someone who studies the change in portrayls this is actually an advancement in
    tv prime audience and who and how gay men are shown.

  9. As to “Kish”…it is very common for soap opera fans to combine the names of their favorite couples to come up with a nickname…thus Kyle and Fish became Kish. And did anyone else notice a definite “bump” in Kyle’s pants…and he’s the straight actor of the two!

  10. Okay, so I don’t actually follow this television show as I work during the days, but I’m confused… I thought for a few moments that Scott Evans looked uncomfortable during the “undressing” part… Was there some sort of hesitation for this and he was indeed nervous?! Or was it excitement?! Or was it simply bad acting?!
    As well, thank you VERY MUCH to ABC for portraying homosexual men in such a way that they may offer affection and tenderness rather than just raunchy sex. I’m quite pleased that they didn’t make us (or themselves for that matter) all look asinine so WAY TO GO!!!
    Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

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