Just The Tips: Beyond The Comfort Zone

This is probably the lamest “beyond the comfort zone” story ever, but here goes… Years ago, I was holding my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s ankles in the air, as I furiously pounded his ass. My hands moved from his ankles to his feet, and I slowly began massaging his soles. Then, without even thinking about it, I shoved both of his big toes into my mouth. All while continuing to thrust deep inside of him.

Prior to this moment, I had never been into playing with feet. Honestly, I’m still not into playing with feet. But there was something about the way he squirmed that made me go into an all-out frenzy. As we moved forward, his toes became a routine part of our bedroom activities. It got more aggressive, to the point that I was biting his heels and running my tongue all over every inch of his foot.

So what’s my point here? Theoretically, there may be something that you’re not necessarily “into”, but you’re aroused at the prospect of trying it with a particular individual. Don’t be scared to give it a try! It might be best to talk about it beforehand (especially if it involves watersports or similarly kinky acts). But, overall, a little experimentation is never a bad thing!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: College Dudes

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14 thoughts on “Just The Tips: Beyond The Comfort Zone

  1. My First “beyond the comfort zone” WTF moment was…

    I am not really into rimming guys. However this one muscle daddy gave into me and after we showered off… I strangely enough ate his asshole for a good while before plowing the shit out of him. Its the first and only time I have ever haven someone a rim job. Not sure what it was about him that made me do it.

    Also another one was my first time ever “swallowing” It was one of my good friends I have a BJ to and just decided to let him bust in my mouth. he was totally shocked by it and the look in his face as his cum ran down my throat made me bust my nut without even touching myself.

  2. As a Top, my comfort zone ends at bottoming BUT, once in a decade I have met guys who, for one reason or another, make me want to bottom.

    And now, back to being a Top; the bottom above is totally my type ! 😉 Yee Haw!

  3. Everytime we move past our comfort zone and explore even the simplest of new terrorities, we grow, not just sexually but as men. Drop the “don’t” and “won’t” and experiement with “what if I…” and see what happens. There is a whole world of pleasure there for us. Thanks for this post Dewitt and encourageing guys to find new ways to have fun. Well done.

  4. the next to the last pic with the bottom dude spread eagle is awesome, unshaved!! yes a man who looks like he didn’t spend a couple hours with a razor 🙂 also my favorite position, get to watch the dude on top and get to watch the dude on bottom.

  5. Getting my feet/toes sucked gives me an instant hard on. I’ve even done it a few times myself (but his feet had better be as cute as mine). My comfort zone was ws. This one guy wanted me to pee on him, then he wanted to drink it. It literally took 45 minutes in a warm shower for me to relac enough to do it – he loved it, and I got a kick out of his reactions. Oddly enough, it felt great to unleash a stream with a full erection, too.

  6. I had a similar rimming experience…not something I would normally do but this one hot number got me going so hot and heavy I couldn’t get my face out of his ass, plus his writhing, moaning, and dirty talk just kept me going. Over all an awesome time with a hot stud unfortunately from the opposite coast.

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