Aural Only: Adele

Things are going pretty well for Adele, eh? Her latest album 21 has been released worldwide to critical acclaim, and she currently holds the number one spot on both the UK’s Official Singles Chart and Official Album Chart. If that weren’t enough, the singer currently holds the lead on our Weekly Top Ten charts, overshadowing huge pop hits by Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

Of course, she may wind up being her own biggest rival! As “Rolling In The Deep” continues to rake in votes, we’re prepping to bring in her second effort “Someone Like You”. The heartbreaking ballad tiptoed to the top of the charts after her performance on the Brit Awards, and we get the sense that it’ll strike an emotional chord and do well on our countdown. What do you think? Is this another big win for Adele?

– Dewitt

To listen to “Someone Like You”, follow the JUMP:

72 thoughts on “Aural Only: Adele

  1. MASSIVE win for Adele. The heartbreak in her voice is palpable, and this is such a beautifully sad song. Her performance on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ in November is the best, in my opinion

  2. LOVE ADELE!!!!! The video for Rolling in the deep was the perfect illustration for a separation i went through a few weeks ago… i sat and cried in a corner while listening to the words that,I could have sworn, were pulled from my soul.
    Girlfriend is DEEP!

  3. not gonna lie as much as I like Gaga, Adele has her beat on the actual music front. Gaga couldn’t pull off Someone Like You like Adele does.

  4. I hope this is the song that helps her get established in America for good. Rolling in the deep should be a Top 20 in the US this week now that the album came out here.

  5. Great! Given the current “trends” in music, it’s good to see someones talent taking center stage.

  6. Adele can do no wrong to me…love all her work…especially “Hometown Glory”….wish she would stop smoking though

  7. I liked Rolling in the Deep but didn’t like anything else she had done. This is wonderful, though. Her live performances of it are quite well done as well. =)

  8. I love everything I have heard from her also. I’ll take my hat off to her for smoking openly, it is not a good habit but but at least she is not phony like other who are closet smokers. Knowing someone like Jennifer Aniston, Rob Thomas, Obama and Adele smoke makes them seem a bit more real to me and not so “celebrity”. Still…we all need to quit, it is a nasty habit.

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