Must Watch: Jeggings Are Stupid

Gays, do any of your girlfriends wear jeggings? Or have you had to immediately rip them off of their bodies on sight because they’re about three threads over from pajama jeans? And pajama jeans are for really depressed people as well as people who look forward to Tuesdays because that’s Macaroni & Cheese Night at the home. Jeggings = bad. Note – I’m into bears and I like when he reveals his “nirt.”

– J. Harvey

To watch The Problem With Jeggings, Follow the JUMP:

41 thoughts on “Must Watch: Jeggings Are Stupid

  1. LOL… WTF… A “W” neck shirt? I am okay with the kid wearing just the condom instead of pants though – I’d have him stay after class… ‘-)

  2. Jesus Christ – I’ve been wondering what happened to fashion. Kids lookin like bums from 1985. But I’m just getting old. I will say that a classic look like Ralph Lauren never goes out of style. Well-dressed men from 1914 would look as good today. Fashion fads = FAIL. Well-dressed FTW!

  3. The only women I’ve seen in jeggings were really quite fat – which says a lot.. I Love the jeans-print undies tho..

  4. Hmm …. jeggings are kinda fantastic, and they’re pretty big right now. And they’re no closer to pajama jeans than skinny jeans are. They’re just skinny jeans with more stretch.

  5. Half of the time you can’t even tell the difference between pants/jeans or jeggings.

    The problem is when overweight people wear them. Nobody wants fat rolls to be cooped up inside a tight pair of pants. Seriously.

  6. The chick wearing them is super hot… come to think of it, all the people are (except teacher – not my type. too much like me, lol)

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