Are Straight People Boring?

Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame doesn't seem to have much going on these days but he did join the bandwagon of celebrities who make FunnyorDie clips!

Check out his faux infomercial for "Straight Talk", a teaching tool for helping you tolerate the boring small talk straight people apparently love to engage in. Funny… or die? I'm leaning toward die.

– Andy

7 thoughts on “Are Straight People Boring?

  1. well, he does have a point, though. I have sat in restaurants and listened to a dad and granddad going over his two daughters’ money situations as if he were talking about a root canal. I couldn’t believe that he would drag such private family stuff into a public dining place. and he was not keeping it down at all. I would NEVER taslk about anything so private or personal in a loud voice at a restaurant- of course, I would never talk on a cell phone while dining at a restaurant, and I bet no one reading this blog could truthfully say the same thing. seems that since cell phones have become so commonplace that even street people have them, folks just think it is their right to use them anywhere and everywhere- even if the place has signs asking patrons NOT to use them. and that, unfortunately, spans the sexual orientation gamut.
    but I digress, again! Mot saying that all gay folk have much more stimulating conversations- but most straight folk don’t seem to have any idea how boring their day to day lives are, even to other straight folk. even MY life is too boring for me to want to tell my friends that, for example, I stayed up til midnight last night working on my church newsletter. at least I shared the bed with my sexy husband

  2. They certainly can be boring…but thats why you have young straight friends, they pretty much talk about whatever

  3. We certainly are allowed off days, Randy.
    I liked this video, it was cute. Wish the number had been a real number for something funny though.

  4. straight people can’t be THAT boring if this becomes a line item on Manhunt’s blog. the gay community is so quick to point fingers (and don’t call it “practicing”)…that they (we) often tend to deflect our own boredom by eavesdropping on the world to provide fodder for our own amusement…how fabulous!

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