Je t’aime, New York Pénis

God I miss New York Dick.


Luckily was planning ahead and put together a whole NYC nostalgia reel before JR Bronson and Jay Black get to grinding. Why they decided to set it to a Sousa march sort of escapes me, but when they got to the part where Jay is coming in off the street, it looked SO MUCH like my old place in Brooklyn, that I stopped caring how weird it was to hear Stars and Stripes Forever:


Walking down the street, local guy Jay Black finds his horny neighbour standing in his doorway, in his gym kit playing with his cock! His cock looks so impressive that he thinks, why not? Going in and joining him on the sofa, Jay and JR Bronson get down to some kissing, groping and undressing. The pair work on each other’s gym fit bodies, working both of their cocks up into a frenzy before exposing their solid and pulsing dicks! Working on his friends cock, white guy is on all fours, ass in the air and showing off his pink hole! Jay reached over and works on his hole with his hands, getting it ready for his huge cock! Jay pounds JR’s hole, swapping positions to give us the best close ups of the balls deep fucking! Ready to shoot his load, Jay pulls out, and while getting face fucked by JR, shoots his creamy thick white load all over his chest and abs. The sight of all the spunk is too much for JR who follows with a hot load of his own, stood over and shooting over Jay’s chest!


Oh boy. That is some… word soup. Wow.

Ok well at any rate, this is a good clip and I’m trying now to get myself access to the full scene because I don’t know who Jay Black is, but he’s got a body like a Ninja Turtle and I really want to watch him fuck some more:



I mean, right? And whatever you think about JR Bronson, that guy’s ass is just RIGHT on target. It’s so fucking beefy and well groomed and I bet that rimming that Jay gives him is four times as long as it is in this trailer. Because that’s all I could think about – smashing my face into that big meaty butt and chowing right down. Woof.

These pics don’t show it off as well as the video does:

6-01 6-02 6-05 6-06 6-08 6-10 dsc_0069


You can watch the full version of this smooth and sexy fuck at

Until I get my login approved though, I’m gonna be clicking through the Jay Black tag, cause, damn.


– tyler



Big Black & Brawny Beefcake
JR Bronson, Jay Black


5 thoughts on “Je t’aime, New York Pénis

  1. Those are some good looking guys, and the intro kind of reminds me of my time living in Williamsburg so is quite nostalgic

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