Armond Rizzo Has Found His Niche

He’s juuuust the right size to make all
this giant-porn he’s doing work.



UPDATED 3:15PM to correct a sound problem on the preview clip.

I usually tend to stay away from series-based porn because there’s inevitably someone involved that I don’t really wanna watch, and there’s always so much story to keep up with and so many performers are just not that fun to watch act (not all of them, but lots). Icon Male does a lot of stuff I want to watch, but also a LOT of series things that I hate starting at part 2 or 3 and then forget to go back to and blah blah blah.

I’m telling you this because that’s why I don’t write about stuff sometimes, and why people need to tell me when they see good stuff because what if I missed it and it was great!? That’s on YOU for not telling me! Thank goodness someone took the time to fill me in on this Armond Rizzo/Jaxton Wheeler scene from Cheaters (which also stars Billy Santoro doing all his fun Billy Santoro tricks – so you’d think I’d be all over it since some of you already accuse me of being obsessed with him (HE’S JUST REALLY GOOD AT HIS JOB AND I APPRECIATE HIS DEDICATION AND LACK OF PERSONAL DRAMA, THAT’S ALL. STOP JUDGING ME)) but, alas.

Armond Rizzo is always fun to watch, and although I worry about his relationship with his butthole (he puts some REAL BIG dicks up there sometimes and can just take it and take it), I like how he rides. Jaxton Wheeler is a mixed bag for me; I love his body and spend every minute he’s on screen wishing I looked that way. But I don’t want to watch him handle a lot of dialogue. It’s… eeh.

But judge for yourself:



I’m trying to find out if there’s a word for this kind of bigger top/tiny bottom paring in porn, cause that’s definitely a whole subgenre in hetero porn (I’ll spare you the link).  But these searches are leading me down some verrry strange animated paths, so brace yourself for an upsetting Drawn to You post in the near future.

You can see the full version of this scene and parts 1+3 at Icon Male.


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– tyler




Cheaters, Part 2
by IconMale/Nica Noelle
Armond Rizzo, Jaxton Wheeler


15 thoughts on “Armond Rizzo Has Found His Niche

  1. I think the word you’re looking for is YUMMY PORN! I’ve actually watched this scene and it’s rather good, I’m a huge fan of Armond but sometimes the tops aren’t that good. I find Jaxton inconsistent but here he was quite stimulating, please post more Armond for our delectation please

  2. jaxton is such a fucking hot beast. Not a fan of the dialogue or of his joo fro mullet. He really needs to cut that shit. Though it works for this scene because he’s playing a psycho boyfriend.

  3. Armond is fulfilling the cute little pocket rocket niche, while Jaxton could be SO much more in demand from his physicality IF he sorts out his hairstyle and THAT atrocious hair-don’t!

  4. Actually, this should probably read “A whole bunch of hung tops have found Armond Rizzo’s niche.”

  5. Jaxton is hot AF, but needs a stylist. If he had a real beard, and didn’t shave in a right angle and managed his hair, he would be unstoppable. His body hair and body and face and dick and ass are incredible.

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