Hugh Jackman Was Almost Kind of Gay

Hugh Jackman
You know that fable about dancing turning you gay? I don't either. But apparently, Hugh Jackman's brother does.

"In another world, another life, probably growing up in another country, I might have been more of a dancer," he confesses. "In fact I was going down that road when I was about 12. I was encouraged to do that, and I remember my brother saying, 'Ah, you poof,' so I gave it up. I dropped it like a hot rock. I didn't have the guts of Billy Elliot at the time!"

Sigh! In a perfect world, I would "poof" all over the place with this man. Even in those gold pants…

– Dewitt

2 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman Was Almost Kind of Gay

  1. god WHO WOULDNT!!!!!
    I also love the fact that he can be completely open about who he is that he can do things like that and not give a care who will say what about it. It takes the balls of a god to be able to do stuff like hes doing in Hollywood. Cuz not only has he worn gold pants and leopard print shirts, but he has also been groped on a japanese game show, gave a japanese guy purple nurples on said japanese game show, and he has made it perfectly clear that he has no problems with gay people. In a country that is still pretty conservative and for all intensive purposes republican (yes i said the dreaded r word) he is a good influence to have.

  2. “all intents and purposes”, Josh, not intensive purposes, which would be rather more limited, while the term is intended to convey a broad range.

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